❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart Emoji

Mending Heart Emoji

Mending Heart Emoji Meaning:

❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart emoji depicts a ❤️ red heart with a white medical 🩹 bandage emoji tied from the bottom left to the top right on most platforms. This bandage heart emoji is generally used to describe recovery and healing from mental and physical harm.

Healed heart emoji is also used to offer condolence, support, or sympathy for someone who goes through a hard time. 

You can combine the ❤️‍🩹 Healing Heart emoji with the 👑 Crown emoji to share the experience of recovery from Covid-19. The heart with bandage emoji is also used with the 💔 broken heart emoji to show that now you feel better after the breakup.

  • Don’t worry, everything will be alright soon ⌛❤️‍🩹
  • 🤗 I am feeling much better now ❤️‍🩹

Mathematical Expression of Mending Heart Emoji

❤️‍🩹 (Mending Heart) = ❤️ (Red Heart) + 🩹 (Adhesive Bandage)

mending heart emoji
Name:Mending Heart Emoji | Bandaged Heart Emoji | Healing Heart Emoji | Banded Heart Emoji
Meaning:Healthier, Improving, Mending, Recovering, Recuperating.
Unicode Version:None 
Emoji and iOS Version:Emoji 13.1 and iOS 14.6

When was Mending Heart added to emojis? 

In 2020 Wounded Heart emoji was approved under Unicode  13.1. The red heart with a bandage emoji helps to ensure visibility on most platforms. It is the classical representation of the healing heart.

How to Copy and Paste Mending Heart Emoji?

Copy your favorite emojis from our website and paste them wherever you want. You can copy and paste the Mending Heart emoji without any cost. Follow the given below steps to copy-paste the Heart with bandage emoji:

  • Go to heatfeed.com and find the emoji that you want to copy e.g healing heart emoji copy and paste.
  • Click on the bandaged heart emoji copy icon or simply Ctrl+C and it will automatically copy on your system.
  • Now you can paste it wherever social media platform you want.

Who uses ❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart Emoji?

The heart with bandage emoji meaning depicts healthier, improving, mending, recovering, and recuperating. If a guy or a girl uses heart emoji with bandage emoji in their conversation after a breakup or hard time.

It means that they are healing from that hurtful situation. And also friends use this injured heart emoji for their buddies to motivate them that everything will be alright. 

Lavish combination to use ❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart Emoji

Lavish combos are just a set of emojis placed together to share feelings. What does the ❤️‍🩹 bandaged heart emoji mean in the text? I miss you so much Daddy 😥❤️‍🩹

  • Get well soon baby! ❤️‍🩹😘💋
  • I’m leaving this house, my heart hurts a bit ❤️‍🩹🖤
  • Having a big heart will break you 💔 than make you ❤️‍🩹
  • You will be okay ❤️‍🩹☹️
  • It alright. Distance yourself from all things that harm your heart sweety ❤️‍🩹😔
  • Forgive me, babe! ❤️‍🩹😰
  • Everything happens for a reason, I am always here for you ❤️‍🩹👭

Similar Emojis

There are a lot of similar emojis exist as 💟 Heart Decoration, Heart on fire ❤️‍🔥Rosette 🏵️, couple with heart 💑, yellow heart 💛, heart with ribbon 💝, brown heart 🤎, black heart 🖤, orange heart 🧡, two hearts 💕, beating heart 💓, growing heart 💗, purple heart 💜, white heart 🤍, green heart 💚heart exclamation ❣️, revolving heart 💞, heart with arrow 💘, red heart ❤️Fleur-de-lis ⚜️, broken heart 💔, and many others emojis each having a specific message, heart symbol, and meanings. Our Website facilitates you with Mending Heart emoji copy and pastes with a variety of colored-heart emoji. You can also learn the meaning, Unicodes, and shortcodes related to any emoji.

❤️‍🩹 Mending Heart Emoji look across different devices

Emoticons look different on various platforms. Every gadget, web service, or OS manufacturer creates a design with its own idea and corporate style. Here you can check out how the Heart bandage emoji looks on ❤️‍🩹 various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, etc. Mending heart emoji copy and paste on Android looks more 3D  than on other platforms.


❤️‍🩹 U+2F64



❤️‍🩹 U+1FA79



iOS 15.4

iOS 14.5


Android 12L

Android 11.0 December 2020 Feature Drop


One UI 4.0 January 2022

One UI 4.0


Windows 11 November 2021 Update



Twemoji 14.0

Twemoji 13.1



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