🪔 Diya Lamp Emoji

Diya Lamp Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Diya Lamp  Emoji🪔 It’s a left-facing clay or mud lamp with a simple design painted on it. Oil pools in the lamp, and a little flame flickers at its tip. The Diya Lamp object relates to Diwali, the festival of lights. This emoji symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and the triumph of light over darkness.


Unicode 12.0 accepted Diya Lamp in 2019, and Emoji 12.0 approved Diya Lamp the same year.

Other Names

🪔 Diya

🪔 lamp

🪔 Oil Lamp

🪔 Diwali

🪔 Festival of Lights

🪔 Light

🪔 Hindu Festival


  • 🪔 U+1FA94


  • :diya_lamp: (Github, Slack)
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