💞 Revolving Hearts Emoji

Revolving Hearts Emoji

Revolving Hearts Emoji Meaning:

Revolving hearts emoji are the hearts revolving around one or more hearts. On a number of Japanese devices, this emoji was animated. Google displays this as five hearts in a circle-like shape. Apple devices display these two hearts switching places with a circular line. This heart emoji is used to express a dizzying feeling of love, affection, joy, and overwhelming. 💞 meaning in a text is used as being in love e.g “I adore this!”, “I am in love with him or her!”. these two pink hearts indicate the chemistry of two closely related hearts.

NOTE: The Unicode 6.0 of revolving hearts was approved in 2010 and added to emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Similar Emojis

There is a lot of similar emojis that exist as broken heart 💔, red heart ❤️, heart with arrow 💘, green heart 💚, heart exclamation ❣️, purple heart 💜, Rosette 🏵️, white heart 🤍, yellow heart 💛, heart with ribbon 💝, black heart 🖤, couple with heart 💑, orange heart 🧡, beating heart 💓, growing heart 💗, brown heart 🤎two hearts 💕, and many others heart symbols, emojis that are used to express a specific message and meanings. Our Website heatfeed.com facilitates you with two hearts emoji copy and pastes with a variety of colored-heart emoji. You can also learn emoji meanings, Unicodes, and shortcodes related to any emoji.

Also Known As

💞 Two Hearts

Apple Name

💞 Revolving Hearts


💞 U+1F49E


: revolving_hearts : (Slack, Github)

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