🎙️ Studio Microphone Emoji

Studio Microphone Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Studio Microphone emoji is a cylindrical mic, soft on the edges and conceived with short and large black lines, linearly placed in parts over each other. These lines are hollow.

The Microphone emoji represents the vocal part of the music. This mic emoji shows vocal recordings in and outside of the studio. This object could also be a radio transmission and other sorts of vocalized information capture.

NOTE: Unicode 7.0 accepted Studio Microphone in 2014 and added Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Similar Emojis

Some other emojis that are similar to the 🎙️ Studio Microphone emoji are 🎺 Trumpet emoji, 🪕 Bajo emoji, 📻 Radio emoji, 🎤 Microphone emoji, 📯 Postal Horn emoji, 🎚️ Level Slider emoji, 🎛️ Control Knobs emoji. Among many others, each emoji conveys a specific message.

Also Known As

🎙️ Mic

🎙️ Vocals

🎙️ Microphone

🎙️ Recorder

🎙️ Voice Recorder

🎙️ Amplifier

🎙️ Sound Recording

🎙️ Studio Recording


🎙 U+1F399

️ U+FE0F


:studio_microphone: (Github, Slack)

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