👯 People with Bunny Ears Emoji

People with Bunny Ears Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

People With Bunny Ears Emoji 👯 is represented as Bunny girls when an iteration of the Playboy Bunny. It is commonly depicted as a woman who is wearing very beautiful pendants. This emoji is also known as Kemonomimi in anime as a hybrid animal or human. The two-people version of the emoji is usually used for representing friendship, let’s enjoy the party, or for having fun. 

Note: People With Bunny Ears Emoji was added to the Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010 by assigning the name ‘’ Woman With Bunny Ears ‘’ and in 2015 this emoji was added to the Emoji 1.0.

Similar Emojis 

🕺 Man Dancing, 💃 Woman Dancing, 🕺🏼 Man Dancing: Medium-Light Skin Tone, 💃🏻 Woman Dancing: Light Skin Tone, 🕺🏿 Man Dancing: Dark Skin Tone, 💃🏼 Woman Dancing: Medium-Light Skin Tone, 🕺🏽 Man Dancing: Medium Skin Tone, 💃🏽 Woman Dancing: Medium Skin Tone, 🕺🏾 Man Dancing: Medium-Dark Skin Tone, 💃🏾 Woman Dancing: Medium-Dark Skin Tone, 🕺🏻 Man Dancing: Light Skin Tone, 💃🏿 Woman Dancing: Dark Skin Tone.

Also Known As 

👯 Ballet

👯 Dancing Girls

👯 Let’s Party

👯 Showgirls

Apple Name 

👯 Dancing People Wearing Bunny Ears

Unicode Name

👯 Woman with Bunny Ears


👯 U+1F46F


:people_with_bunny_ears_dancers: (Github, Slack)

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