👭 Women Holding Hands Emoji

Women Holding Hands Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

Women Holding Hands Emoji 👭is a symbol in which you can see two ladies holding each other’s hands and standing along with each other. This emoji is commonly used on social media platforms to represent a relationship. This may include close friendship or may lead to a lesbian relationship between two women.

Note: Women Holding Hands Emoji was added to Unicode 1.0 in the year 2015.

Similar Emojis 

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Also Known As

👭 Lesbian Couple

Apple Name 

👭 Two Women Holding Hands

Unicode Name 

👭 Two Women Holding Hands


👭 U+1F46D


:women_holding_hands: (Slack)

:two_women_holding_hands: (Github, Slack)

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