🕺 Man Dancing Emoji

Man Dancing Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

Man Dancing Emoji 🕺 is shown on many digital devices by a symbol of a man dancing and his one hand is raised in the air that represents the actions or steps of Disco dance. This symbol is used to represent the male’s dance in any way. Different social networking platforms will show this emoji in different styles as a man wearing a 70’s era dress and raising one hand in the air.

Note: Man Dancing Emoji was added to the Unicode 9.0 in the year 2016 and in the same 2016 year this emoji was added to the Emoji 3.0.

Similar Emojis 

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Also Known As 

🕺 Disco Dancer

🕺 Male Dancer

Apple Name 

🕺 Man Dancing


🕺 U+1F57A


:man_dancing: (Slack, Github)

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