🤽‍♂️ Man Playing Water Polo Emoji

by Tashia J. Hansen

Water Polo Emoji Meaning:

The Man Playing Water Polo emoji is the male version of the person water polo emoji. Appearance-wise, the Man Polo emoji is identical to the non-gendered ‘Water Polo’ emoji. This Polo emoji is displayed as a single emoji on different platforms and is represented as a combination of  ZWJ sequence combining 🤽 Person Playing Water Polo, ‍ Zero Width Joiner, and ♂️ Male Sign.

Man Playing Water Polo

NOTE: The Man Playing Water Polo emoji was included in Emoji 4.0 in the year 2016.


  • 🤽 U+1F93D
  • U+200D
  • ♂ U+2642
  • U+FE0F


  • 🤽 :man_playing_water_polo: (Github)
  • 🤽 :man-playing-water-polo: (Slack)

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