🪦 Headstone Emoji

Headstone Emoji

Emoji Meaning: 

Death, graveyards, and cemeteries are all represented by the Headstone Emoji used to talk about death. In addition, this object refers to “the good race,” “Halloween,” grave emoji, gravestone emoji, tomb emoji, head stone, rip emoji, rip gravestone, tombstone emoji, or “the souls.”

Note:  To be included in Unicode 13.0 in 2020, as well as in Emoji 13.0 in 2020, Headstone was authorized.

Similar Emoji

🦴 Bone, ⚰️ Coffin, 👻 Ghost, 🪨 Rock, 💀 Skull, ☠️ Skull, and Crossbones, 🤍 White Heart, 🧟 Zombie, ⚱️ Funeral Urn

Also Known As

🪦 Tombstone

🪦 Graveyard

🪦 Cemetery

🪦 Grave

🪦 Gravestone

🪦 Monument

🪦 Memorial

🪦 Tomb

🪦 Slabstone


🪦 U+1FAA6



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