👪 Family Emoji

by Katie J. Ray

Emoji Meaning

The Family Emoji 👪 is represented as a single emoji on many digital devices. This emoji is used for representing a family including a child and two adults. Family emoji is represented in different styles by different social media platforms. 

Note: The Family Emoji was made a part of Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010. 

Similar Emojis 

A list of similar emojis for Family Emoji are 👫 Woman and Man Holding Hands, 👶 Baby, 🏠 House, 🏡 House with Garden, 🫂 People Hugging, 🤰 Pregnant Woman, 🍼 Baby Bottle, 🤱 Breast-Feeding, 🎠 Carousel Horse, 🎪 Circus Tent, 🎅 Santa Claus.

Apple Name 

👪 Family

Also Known As

👪 Parents With Child


👪 U+1F46A


:family: (Github)

:man-woman-boy: (Slack)

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