🏡 House with Garden Emoji

House with Garden Emoji

House with Garden Emoji Meaning

The house with garden emoji 🏡 meaning is suburban-looking house, with a flower, a tree, or shrub around it in the garden. It describes a living place in the garden. The house tree emoji depicts a residential property intended for a smaller family that resembles the House Building emoji but is more appealing due to the garden emoji that surrounds it.

It has the same significance as all the other emojis connected to the property. For instance, it could simply relocate to a new home, a new area, or purchase real estate, among other things.

House with Garden Emoji

The house with tree emoji presents the calm and tranquility that comes with the sight of greenery inside the house. Humans love nature and their aesthetic sense attracts them to sights worth seeing. This is the sense behind the home with the garden emoji or backyard emoji.

 You can make a combination of emojis to deliver the proper sense of a home with a garden annexed to it properly. You can make the combination of emojis in different ways. For example, if you want to show that you are alone at home then you may insert the house with garden emoji and a single person to complete the sense of loneliness at your house. On Facebook this emoji has only one tree while Samsung has two trees.

How to copy and paste the house with garden emoji

This is how you avail the benefit of home with garden emoji copy and paste from heatfeed:

  1. You need to go to the homepage of the heatfeed website. You can also follow the link given as, https://heatfeed.com/house-with-garden-emoji/
  2. After getting to the link, search for the wanted emoji. Once you have searched it, click on the button given below namely, “ click to copy”. After doing that your emoji shall be copied
  3. Now you need to paste down what you have copied, for that go to the desired page where you need to paste the emoji. Click right with your mouse, paste it. Your emoji shall appear like this 🏡.

Note: In 2010 house garden emoji was accepted as part of Unicode 6.0. It was combined in 2015 with Emoji 1.0.

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House with Garden Emoji Also Known As

🏡 House And Tree

Apple Name

🏡 House with Garden


🏡 U+1F3E1


:house_with_garden: (Github, Slack)

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