Bonjour, Hospitality!: Delving into the Benefits of French Language Classes

by heatfeed

The hospitality industry is all about customer service. If a bad experience is offered to paying customers at a luxury hotel, they are very unlikely to want to come back, thus ending any possibility of any repeat business being enjoyed.

Additionally, a negative time may also be spoken about to other potential customers, which could then have an impact on future success, too.

With so many options now available for guests, providing top-quality customer service is crucial for services within hospitality to survive.

Many focus on a variety of aspects to ensure they go above and beyond to create a memorable stay and one that leaves guests wanting to return at some point.

One way in which this is achieved is by being able to speak the language(s) of the clientele that may be attracted.

With French being one of the most spoken languages in the world – as well as it is the official language in 29 countries – it is no surprise that there are many businesses that are requesting it is spoken or are providing training for employees.

With access to online French courses now available, employees are able to tailor guest experiences and ensure they are able to provide the best customer service possible to those with the language, thus emphasizing the importance of being able to speak multiple languages.

What Are The Benefits of Being Able to Speak French With Customers?

While the obvious benefit of being able to speak with French customers is clearly the potential of being able to achieve repeat business, there are so many other advantages that can be experienced by having the language.

Better communication with guests can help to make them feel appreciated and valued. After all, they are spending their money on the product/service that is being offered, and those in the hospitality industry have an expected duty to provide the best they can.

By being able to effectively communicate, they are able to ensure this can happen.

While learning languages is primarily about getting an understanding of the vocabulary used and being able to converse with others, it can also provide learners with the ability to gain a further understanding of the culture.

This can also be a huge benefit for the hospitality industry, as it will allow them to understand certain customs and traditions, thus once again highlighting how seriously they take their customers and how highly they hold them.

Personal Benefits

Aside from the advantages that the hospitality industry and the best luxury hotels operating within it can achieve, individuals are able to benefit greatly, too.

With the world getting “smaller” as barriers to entry become reduced or nonexistent, there are more opportunities available to those that are able to speak more than one language.

As stated, French is one of the most spoken around the world, so those that have this skill can better position themselves when it comes to looking for new employment as they look to advance their careers, regardless of whether that is in hospitality or not.

People who are able to converse in another language will also be more confident, and they will also be able to achieve personal growth.

This can also help them to achieve more as an individual, while it can also help a business. For instance, networking events may become more accessible and possible as there would not be any language constraints in place.

Huge Benefits for Everyone

Clearly, there are a number of huge benefits that are involved in French language learning classes for those involved in the hospitality industry.

Businesses will be able to understand and offer a better level of customer service to their clients, while individuals will be able to offer those services more confidently, while also acknowledging any cultural norms that they may not initially have known about.