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The United States of America is undoubtedly one of the most visited countries in the world.

This country is a hub of attraction for visitors due to its astounding places, vibrant scenery, and spectacular road trips. Every corner of this country holds different views for the visitors, most people prefer to spend their vacations while exploring different regions of America. Visitors get confused about which hotels to choose for their stay.

In this article; we have compiled a list of the best luxury hotels in the United States. By getting to know about the specifications of different hotels across the popular destinations, it becomes easy for the visitors to book a hotel.

Best 9 Luxury Hotels In The United States


Amangiri, Aman’s property in the United States, spreads over 600 acres in the region of Canyon arrays over 600 acres in the region of Southern Utah. This is regarded as one of the best resorts situated in the heart of the valley with mesmerizing views from the National monument. If looking from its horizons, swimming pools are in the center and add more power to the plateaus and canyons around the magnificent resort. Another thing offered by the resort is Camp Sarika, linked to Amangiri. This resort also allows the users to explore the linked areas surrounding it, visitors can enjoy the amazing scenery. 


Magnificent and extraordinary, the Setai is an image to watch for alongside the South Beach. The design is so sleek and shows colors of the Architectural history of South Beach’s Art Deco Desert with the rich cultural history of the region. The Setai was built in the 1930s initially, situated alongside the Art Deco building, an extraordinary glass tower with 40 stories. This building stands out among all the others in the area. If you are going to visit Miami beach and enjoy the tranquility, the Setai is the best option.  


Brush Creek Ranch is known as one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the United States. This beautiful hotel expands to a 30000-acre ranch in the area of Wyoming. The resort offers users to hold a view of deep valleys, green forests, huge mountains, and hilly rocks. The views from this resort are to die for, nature prevails amazingly here. A place that combines spectacular surroundings with amazing hospitality. The luxury resort offers the visitors to have the services of a spa, multiple rooms, and many lavish residencies.


Little Palm Island is one of the most unique resorts that you can find on the island in the United States. Accessible only by boat or plane, this beautiful resort makes itself the most lavish resort with a 30 story roof, amazing Bungalows. Another thing that makes visitors enjoy nature more is that there is no availability of the phone and television. The melodious sound of ocean waves gives ears the chance to listen to beautiful humming voices. Chirping of birds in the morning with a view of huge trees and never-ending waves makes this resort straight out of a fairy tale.


Newyork is one of the most attractive destinations for visitors. The resort is present at the central location on the peak of Time Warner Center at the southwest corner, accessible from all areas of New york. If you look through the windows, the mighty Hudson river expands everywhere. This resort is equipped with Manhattan’s huge skyline, 198 huge rooms, and 46 amazing sites that offer massive comfort to the visitors. This resort is one of the best lavish hotels in the heart of Manhattan. 


Las Vegas, a place that is always on the list of passionate visitors. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas is a magnificent resort with 47 stories and standing out in the center of Las Vegas. The resort offers a splendid blend of views of desert and city alike in a peaceful and calm environment. All the 392 rooms and suites are best suited with the spectacular decor of the Asian touch. The balcony of this resort is the best place to have dine and enjoy the serene views of the city. The floor-to-ceiling windows of bathrooms give a unique touch to the stay in this resort. If you are going to visit Las Vegas and make your visit memorable, this hotel is a must-have on your bucket list.  


Cavallo Point Lodge situated at the brink of Golden Gate Bridge offers a superb experience to visitors combined with the unique surroundings of the area. The building’s interior has an amazing embellishment of history and architecture, offering the visitors to enjoy the amazing surroundings of the magnificent resort. If you want an elegant, serene, and stylish place to live while you enjoy San Francisco’s streets, this resort is the best one to stay. The state of the art building along with the huge rooms, suites, and Spa makes this resort calm, amazing, and a relaxed place for the visitors.  


Amangani is situated at the peak of East Gros Ventre Butte, offering a splendid view of the Snake River valley. If you are going to visit Wyoming and are confused about which hotel to stay in, Amangani is the best option. Visitors will notice the Western touch in the vicinity of the resort and the build-in of the resort entirely reflects Wyoming history. Amangani offers their visitors massive rooms with fireplaces, huge beds, and balconies for catching breathtaking views in their eyes. This is indeed the best place to enjoy the view of Yellowstone National park and the Grand Tetons. Visitors will surely have an amazing visit during their stay in Wyoming. 


Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California is situated at the crest of Big Sur above the Pacific Ocean. This resort is considered one of the most lavish hotels in California. Post Ranch inn is located on the California highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, making it quite unique. The architecture is state of the art with magnificent surroundings and mountainous views. If you are planning to visit California, you can enhance the experience by staying at this peaceful and calm resort.