Luxury Hotels

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Luxury Hotels

What Makes A Hotel Luxurious?

Rating systems for Hotels are widely accepted as a definitive way of determining the overall quality of luxury hotels, whereas rankings can widely vary from one country to another. However, while hotels around the world have no international standards to adhere to, the stars are concerned with the level of service, amenities, cleanliness, location, and cost of the hotel.

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A 5-star hotel is designed to cater to the highest standards of customers. Anything from the outside of the hotel to the tableware should, therefore, be of great quality. The service personnel is intended to be highly trained and to give the guest the best possible experience.

In a five-star property, there should be an excellent workforce with outstanding levels of proactive services, customer care, and all other facilities. Cleanliness, maintenance, hospitality, and service delivery should be of the highest standards.

The few features that every 5-star hotels should provide:


The elegance of a 5-star hotel should be noticed, but the quality of a hotel should always top your priority list. Secondly, the staff should be very well behaved, courteous, and decent. They should be trained to avoid tough conversations and broken words with the guests and should always be alert with their tasks. 

Product and service quality levels like appearance, ingredients, reliability, convenience, processing, and technology contribute to the quality results that are exclusive to the organization. Luxury hotels, and the other luxury retail brands, are highly desirable for these essential features and must continue to improve, enhance, evolve, and gain perfection in the standard of all services and products.

Distinctive guest rooms and other amenities

Another way to distinguish quality hotels and resorts from low and mid-range chains is to have distinctive sounds and services that will help you feel the local fragrance. The five-star facilities should include a selection of free newspapers, a welcome present upon arrival, a 24-hour room service, including hot food.

In the case of bar and lounge service, there should always be two types of premium snacks available. A 24-hour concierge and valet parking facility is also a must in case of defining the facility to be luxurious.


Integrity, honesty, loyalty, obligation, and empathy are the main living principles at all stages of the luxurious enterprise. These essential elements are definitely of crucial importance in all luxury brands. And also in other highly personal hospitality brands in which the experiences of guests.

And staff will largely determine the brand experience’s outcomes, achievements, or shortcomings. Principles are often stated in taglines or core points, but above all, values should be genuine in their execution and preserved over time.


Today, the validity of hotel ratings has fluctuated with the growing popularity of the Internet and social media. Nowadays, the success of web tourist sites published by regular people and not by regulators from the professional industry. Today, ranking “5 stars” to a hotel often depends on the customer’s opinions, not to the rating of a reputable company.