What Type of Gamer are You?

by heatfeed

There are many types of gamers amongst players and note every single one is the same. Gaming is an industry that should bring people together, no matter the time spent playing games or what genre you like. However, it is good to know your gaming identity, and here we want to help you with that. It is worth noting that you can be multiple types of gamers at once, you are not limited to only being one of those.

Your Gaming Personality

We want to quickly allow you to get to know what your gaming personality is and allow you to learn about it a little bit more. Everyone who plays video games is part of a wider community which includes various online, PC, consoles, even online pokies gamers and much more. There are even celebrities who play video games, and they also have their own favorite games to play from World of Warcraft or Animal Crossing to Halo or even Doom.

Types of Gamers

We will try to go over some of the most common gaming types, so you can see if you fit a specific category.

Casual Gamer

First, we have casual gamers who enjoy playing video games as a side activity. It allows them to have some fun with the titles, go through various adventures without getting too deep into the entire industry, and without analyzing every single detail about the game. They often do not care about having the highest amount of FPS, the best hardware or no bugs. They want the game to be approachable, have decent tutorials and introductions and just be fun.

Hardcore Gamer

Going into the total opposite of casuals, is a hardcore gamer. These are players who devote a lot of their time into gaming, and frequently into one or a couple of games, but go much deeper into these games’ lore, mechanics, builds, items, and more. A notable example is the recently released Diablo IV that has both abovementioned player types. There are casual players who just pick up and use gear with more damage, use skills that look cool and play the story. Hardcore players on the other hand calculate their builds, farm over and over for better gear and finish almost every activity available to them.

Also, there is a second type of hardcore gamers, and they are just players who play games in hardcore mode, which is often a mode where if you die you lose all your progress. The most important examples are in hack’n’slash games like Path of Exile or Diablo franchise or even Minecraft.

Retro Gamers

These are the types of players who play old-school video games, which contain a lot of nostalgia. The titles are often older with retro graphics, which means either something pixelated stylistically or something that is a predecessor to a lot of games. They love emulators, or even buying actual old consoles to collect them, sometimes more than playing them.

Solo Adventure Gamer

This is the type of gamer that loves the thrill of adventure and plays mostly single-player games. They just look for titles with the best lore, story, characters, script. They are here for the ride, and they love to connect with protagonists or antagonists and care for a polished experience that they will remember.

Cooperative Gamers

There is another genre of games that are focused on cooperation with other players. Either on the couch or online, these players have the most fun while playing games with friends, but in a cooperative manner, so a lot of teamwork, solving puzzles together and coming up with solutions to various problems. Also experiencing the story with someone can bring a lot of new depth and add to the experience.

Competitive Gamers

Contrary to cooperative gamers, competitive players care all about the thrill of being the best and climbing up the ranks or leaderboards. The grind to being the best and competing with others is all games are to them, and they find titles that help them highlight their skill. It is often a wonderful way to sharpen your cognitive abilities or reflexes if you are a competitive gamer.

Platform Specific Gamers

In this category you will find players who play all kinds of games but on a single platform. PC players, often referred to as PC Master Race, who fight to have the better hardware, and get the max out of games in terms of graphics and/or performance. They play video games on their PC using most often mouse and keyboard. There are also console players or even specific PlayStation or Xbox enthusiasts who only play on these platforms using a controller. It often is also connected to the exclusive games available on one platform.

Genre Specific Gamers

Here there could be a lot of different people under the category because it has tons of subcategories. We grouped it into one, but it relies on players playing the same type of game over and over, so, for example, there are FPS gamers, who play only first-person shooters, there are sports gamers who play only sports games, or even a single sports game like FIFA. This can contain any genre of gaming you think of like RPGs, jRPGs, hack’n’slash games, fighting games, racing games, etc.