The Best and Unique Rules, to be followed in Website Design

by heatfeed
website design

In the world of Internet, Website Designing is like a movie that has some strict rules, and all the rules must be followed. Although there are some specific rules, yet you are supposed to utilize them while using your experience.

The rules can include anything, from the color scheme to image setting and from site navigation to site services. In web designing, all the things make a matter to different people. The one going to get services from it and the other who is merely going to visit it and finds it fit his/her desires.

An excellently made website should always yell, tease, and force its audience to visit it thoroughly and stay on it for maximum time. The successful website is a website that has a unique design, services, and products that trigger the visitors to find and want more from your site.

Make sure that when the visitor is inside the site, he should be informed, entertained, and convinced for your products or services. Your web design should let the visitor go through from page to page and make them confident that coming back will be the same beneficial and rewarding as well.

In designing, your main goal is to convey information to your visitors. Whether you are dealing in various businesses like the brick web hosting, online calendar, or Java scripts, your Web site must be clear in conveying what you have to say or offer to your visitors.

If you design your website on this platform, it means you have useful content for your visitors. Here are given some fundamental rules that you are recommended to follow.

Web Design: Let the visitor feel comfortable while searching your site

The information you are putting on your website should be in detail and on each separate page because the visitor that has been to your webpage doesn’t know what and where you have put the data for them on your site. So make it easy to find and access for all of your customers and potential customers.

Make your pages detailed

Don’t put your visitors in trouble by entangling them in the different informative matter. Make everything easy for them. Fast loading pages should be the target of every web designer. Don’t make it heavy with unnecessary stuff.

Always keep it in your mind that the most annoying thing for the visitors is not knowing that where to find valuable and relevant stuff, they have been on your site for.

Highlighted with Navigation Features

The site should be featured with easy navigation tools and tips. Think yourself in place of the visitor, who is browsing your site and has seen many pages. Here is the point to be noted that if the visitor wants to go to some back page, it should not be bothering anyway. 

Make the Eye Catchy Pages

To use the funky style and dark rainbow color scheme is not any necessary tool to get the attention of your visitor. You must use the colors with a contrast. Understanding the elements of design is very crucial in designing your project. It’s good to avoid the trap of design before any legibility issue. Make sure to study your color combinations and try to avoid funny mixing up of colors and graphics.  

Make Sure To Keep Everything Simple and Intuitive

After years of browsing the web, the visitors expect some specific data and information, and just breaking their expectations is an excellent way of losing visitors. For example, the people hope to see the navigation at the top of a page or on the left side, yet the logos can mostly be found on the top left.

It is therefore suggested that how the giant companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay prefer to structure their pages, and the language they use to emulate them. Making simple the design of your website will ultimately attract the visitor. Don’t create any complexity for your user.

For example, if you are offering a form to fill and you have no idea how to present to your user. If you want to navigate from point A to point B and you can’t offer a direct link to do it, and so on. This is what that is something wrong with the logic and way of your website designing.

Choosing the Fonts Carefully in Web Design

Mostly all the visitors don’t have all the fonts available with them. Therefore you are supposed to go with those fonts everybody is having with him/her. Generally, the fonts they have are Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Times, Courier, Geneva.

All of them are easy to read. As for the easiest to read font, the Calibri looks excellent and is cited as being mostly used the font on the web. Do not spend your money to buy new fonts and use them because a user, who does not have this particular font, might end up using the default on the web his browser.

Make contrast backgrounds 

Always make sure that there is a good contrast between the text and its background. The best-considered combination is black text on a white background or white text on the black background. Avoid using white text on a pale background; because it is not user-friendly and easy to read.

Don’t Use all available colors 

You must be within limits of 3 to 4 colors while choosing them on your pages. Think about your visitors who are having an issue of contrast perception difficulties or color blindness. You can get help with some software packages that might guide you to choose the best colors.  

Website Design the Way To Change Easily

Design your website in the way you might change naturally, so you might make the desired changes without completely redesigning the page. The ability to add or remove the content from your website is fundamental to the ongoing success of your site.

This is not only the one time process because you expect it to be ranked on Google. To get high rankings in Google, you have to frequently update your website, improve your content, images, add new ideas, and delete the old and irrelevant content.

The most appreciated structure of the website is to create it with horizontal navigation. Make sure to use cascading style sheets and avoid complicated backgrounds and unconventional layouts. 

Concentrate On Content and Be Consistent

The best rule to follow in website design is to make the website relevant. Relate your content with the images without abusing them. It would be appreciated to avoid a lot of animation. Keep the focus on the content, update it frequently, and add more useful and informative content. Create links to the websites, which are commonly visited. It is going to help your ranking by search engines. It is a part of do not make your visitor go in any complexity. 

It’s strongly recommended that you facilitate your visitors on how to use the website? How easy it is to navigate; and the same pattern and rules should be existing in all the pages of your website. If you are using CSS appropriately, you can make most of this happening automatically.

There you must learn a lot about cascading Style Sheets. Which makes it possible to separate the appearance and layout of the website from the content. It will help to accomplish the updating and maintenance of your site naturally

These are the best rules and friendly suggestions that would certainly help you design a stunning and attractive website.