Vozpopuli: More Than Your Average News Website

by heatfeed

In this world, when countries are growing exponentially, in terms of their financial, social, defense, and other aspects, newspapers, journals, and new websites become a significant source of information. Consider Spain; it has grown into massive tourism industry, credit to the beautiful landscapes, historical monuments, and sports. These sectors have improved the economic conditions of the country immensely. However, Spain does have a few other aspects which are not very pleasing, such as the historical struggle between Catalonia and the government of Spain.  

It is of strict necessity that an individual keeps up to date with these situations. Vozpopuli is one such website, which offers the latest updates on several such issues, regardless of them being positive or negative. Here is a detailed analysis of Vozpopuli to help you understand what it is, and it is worth investing your time in. 

What Is Vozpopuli? 

Vozpopuli is a Spanish newspaper journal. They provide the latest news on all of the happenings in the country, and around the world. However, they specialize in the economic and political aspects of the country. They have their headquarters in Madrid, the capital city of the country, and carry out all of their operations from this headquarters.  

The site has a reputation for removing the curtains from various fake organizations, and corruption charges on several influential individuals as well as firms. Financial aspects are the forte of the Vozpopuli website and are one of the most trusted sources for Financial and political opinions. 

Who Is The Founder? 

The founder of Vozpopuli is Jesus Cacho. Having served in the Spanish Merchant Navy, as a captain, Jesus Cacho is a reputed name in the world of journalism. He has worked for several famous newspapers and magazines, most significant of them being Dinero, ABC, Mercado, El Pais, and Epoca magazine. Apart from this, he was also involved in the rise of several newspapers and partnered with Tribuna magazine and El Mundo. In the year 2001, Cacho was also involved in the inception of El Confidential. 

Jesus Cacho founded Vozpopuli in October of 2011, when he was replaced by the board of directors of El Mundo, with a change in the generation being the foremost reason. Jesus teamed up with a few other influential journalists, who shared the same vision with him and formed Vozpopuli. 

A Brief History Of Vozpopuli? 

Vozpopuli was found on 10th of October, 2011, by a collaboration between Jesus Concho and a few other influential journalists.  

Jesus Cacho was able to fund the company after selling his 10% stakes in El Confidential, for aver $1.5 million. Initially, Consisted of 22 people, most of whom were journalists, serving the company on a payroll.  

In 2016, Miguel Alba Carmona was roped in for the position of Deputy Director. Miguel was a massive name in the finance industry and used his expertise and contacts to bring in information about banking and finance. 

Many influential journalists have previously worked for Vozpopuli, and many continue to this date, leading to the meteoric rise of Vozpopuli. 

Is The Website Any Good? 

Vozpopuli has created a great website, targeting the youth, and contributing to the shift from newspapers to online journals. The site is quite excellent in terms of the UI and offers a great combination of quality and the range of information.  

They offer several features. To begin with, the search bar is a handy feature, which is essential if a user is looking for particular content on the website. This increases the chance of the user getting the information they wish to acquire. Apart from the search bar, there are social media platforms where Vozpopuli is active. Facebook and Twitter are two of the world’s biggest social media operators, and you can follow Vozpopuli on both of them.  

There is a sign-in option, which can be used to get frequent updates on your social media or email. This also helps the user in keeping track of what they use the Vozpopuli website. 

What Does Vozpopuli Offer?  

Apart from the above features, Vozpopuli offers the following range of information.  

1. Spain 

This is the first column of the menu, which consists of information about the country in general. This included everything that affects Spain, even barely. It has divisions to offer precise details. These include info about places Basque Country, Catalonia, Andalusia, and Madrid and topics like Politics and court judgments.  

2. Economy 

The economy is the forte of Vozpopuli, and is one of the most trusted websites, in terms of the economy updates. This section is also divided into sub-sections, namely: Business, Banking, Money, Media, Technology, Engine, and Sports.  

3. Opinions 

It has a host of famous names from the journalism world. These journalists play a significant role in the unification of the country in these trying times. This section provides articles written by individual journalists, namely: Jesus Cacho, Gregorio Moran, Miguel Giminez, Miguel Angel Aguilar, Michelangelo Belloso, and Alvaro Nieto. Apart from these influential journalists, other individuals in the company also write articles and share their opinion on various topics. These articles are available in the Editorial section of Opinions. 

4. Culture  

Culture is an integral part of any society, and Spain is one of the few countries that have managed to keep their learning in all its originality. Vozpopuli offers content on Spain’s culture, and this column is divided into a subsection, namely, Books, Movies, Music, and History. 

5. Science 

Technology has been playing an essential role in the lives of all individuals, and this section is dedicated to the same. Technology, its effect on the environment, and individuals are all available in this column. Articles related to Astronomy are also available on the website. 

6. Sanitatem 

This section is relatively new to the website, and offers insights on the sanitation of individuals, and encourages the readers to maintain a lifestyle of better hygiene. 

7. Engine 

Automotive is a booming industry in Spain and is a market for companies from around the world, including the likes of Japan and the USA. Apart from that, Spain is a significant hub for motorsports, attracting a huge crowd, and viewership from across the world. All the latest updates regarding the Automotive world can be found in this section. 

8. Wellness 

This is one of the most critical sections and offers insights on the latest trends in the following: Exercise, Travel, Gastronomy, Beauty, Fashion, and much more such information.

9. People 

This is where influential people appear for interviews, articles, and even share videos regarding their fitness routines, hygiene, and yet daily timetable. Articles about TV celebs, Fashion stars, and other famous people like sportsperson are also available here. 

10. Memesis 

This section made keeping the youngsters in mind, as most of the data available here is a source of meme content. Viral videos, funny text messages, and tweets are all available here. 

11. International 

This section is entirely dedicated to the News from around the world. Any new updates, terrorist attack, a verbal conflict between nations, are all available here. Also, most of the articles explain how any action being taken on the international level affects Spain’s country. 

12. Recommended 

This is the section where all the essential information is available. So if you are in a hurry, and want to get an idea of the major happenings around the world and the country, do check this column out. 

Apart from the above, offers a few other useful features, and are probably exclusive to the website. These features include the following: 

13. Vozpopuli App 

Vozpopuli has created an app for mobile phones, which helps you keep up to date with the latest News. Once you log in to the app, you can select the particular information you wish to know. There are frequent updates for the app to improve the experience for the users. Regular notification about significant new items is another feature to admire. 

14. Net Salary Calculator 

Vozpupuli has created a calculator that utilizes annual gross salary, employment contract type, professional category, geographic mobility, age, family situation, disability, and descendants. Using the data mentioned above, Vozpopuli provides an estimate of the net salary; an individual should receive, for a particular service performed. This section also offers valuable insights into the salary system in Spain. Additional bonus amounts and payments to be made for social security are all calculated here. 

15. Rent Profitability 

This calculator calculates the amount of profit you make by putting your flat or house on rent. This calculation requires information like the rent, bail amount, net salary, etc.  

16. Mortgage Simulator 

This calculator helps you calculate the value of a mortgage. Using information like your salary, cost of the property, rate of interest, monthly expenses, age, and the term of the lease. Using all these details, this calculator provides you with the total cost you are willing to pay for the property over a particular period. The value of the property after a certain period is also calculated based on the property’s locality. 

17. Cost Of Electricity 

Using information like fate and rate of usage, this calculator calculates the lowest and highest price of electricity for the day. 

Is Vozpopuli Credible? 

Yes. Vozpopuli have hardly received any flak for the information they upload on their website. And in one of the best digital newspapers in the country. With several famous journalists, supervising the operations of Vozpopuli, there are hardly any questions surrounding Vozpopuli’s credibility. 

What About Advertisements? 

Well, there are none. Vozpopuli does not run any advertisements on its website, which is unlike most other sites. There is not even a single ad, on the homepage, nor the other pages. Without advertisements, the interface becomes more appealing and spacious. Encouraging users to indulge in reading more and more articles on the website. 


Vozpopuli has primarily gained a name for themselves in the Finance and Politics sector of News. However, the website is extraordinary and better than most of its competitors. There are no advertisements, a wide range of information, free calculators for net salary, mortgage, rent profitability, and cost of electricity. With such a host of features. An interface that encourages you to keep reading articles. Vozpopuli is one of the best digital newspaper websites and destined for greatness.