Indian Couple Named Their Newborn Twins Corona And COVID

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twins corona and covid

It has been almost a month since a nationwide quarantine has been imposed on the country. You are not allowed to conduct or be a part of any gathering. This is to prevent the virus from spreading in the country. While everyone is looking out for their safety through social distancing, people are still facing challenges in coping up with the situation.

For many people, life in lockdown has become challenging as they cannot seek the support of others as frequently as they could. With public transportation suspended, it has become difficult for patients to visit their doctors. 

Driving To The Hospital Was Quite A Challenge

While patients are urged to visit their doctors only in case of emergencies, situations like deliveries of babies have become very difficult. Not all pregnant women are getting easy access to maternity doctors. Such is the case of this couple in the Raipur region of Chhattisgarh. The couple was blessed with newborn twins in late March.

As the mother recalls, it was not easy to reach the hospital. According to her, the police stopped her and her husband several times on their way to the hospital. Added to the road regulations were the movement restrictions due to the lockdown. Even as they reached the hospital, the children had been delivered through Caesarean section. 

The Couple Named Their Newborn Twins Corona And COVID Amid Pandemic

The Names Are A Reminder Of Tough Times Says The Father

The couple has named their newborn twins Corona and COVID, a girl and a boy ‘Corona’ and ‘COVID’. They said that the names were a reminder of the challenges faced while they were born. The twins have been getting a lot of attention lately for their uncommon name. The father intended the names in place of the difficult delivery of the children in March.

The couple said that although the pandemic posed a severe threat to humanity. It has also raised awareness on health and sanitation. They stressed upon the fact that despite the negative points. The virus has made people focus on hygiene and healthy habits like washing hands frequently.