Tips To Know To Survive In ARK: Survival Evolved

by heatfeed
Tips to know to survive in ARK

Ark: Survival Evolved, for all its marketing as a fun survival game, with dinosaurs, is not a game you can take lightly.

Now, if you are under the impression that the game would simply be a stroll in the game for you, then you are in for a rude awakening.

Sure, Rust players would find this a lot more breathable and with fun elements, but that does not mean this game is an easy one. Ultimately, it is a survival game that will take everything out of you.

However, there are indeed many simple tips that you can employ that will massively improve your chances of survival in the game. You can learn some useful tips at Moreover, some of the most popular ones are even listed below for your consideration.

1. Focus on getting resources quickly

A common piece of advice you would have heard regarding other survival players is how essential it is for players to gather crucial resources quickly.

It is something that you would be well-advised to follow in Ark: Survival Evolved as well. Your priority is to gather thatch and stone at the beginning of the game so that you can start creating valuable tools like stone axes and so on.

Your survival in Ark: Survival Evolved depends on how quickly you gather these supplies and level up your tools.

2. Focusing on the right tools

 Another crucial piece of advice you should follow to survive longer in the game is to focus on the right tools suited to the requirement at any given moment.

Now, it also depends on how you use these tools as well. Take the case of a tree. If you use an ax to strike at it, you will naturally get wood.

But what if you use a pick or a rock? The results would be entirely different. So, always make it a point that you use the right tool depending on your requirement.

3. Hunt small animals

Now, if you want to survive in Ark: Survival Evolved, you must hunt. Luckily there are many native creatures that you can find on the abandoned island, but that does not mean you can tangle with anyone of them.

Most of the animals in the game would be too much for a beginner to handle and would only result in a quick and painful death.

What you need to do is focus on hunting small animals that can be knocked out in a couple of blows. This would not only give your essential meat but also ensures that the hunter does not become the hunted.

Dodos or fish would make for an excellent hunt without the added risk involved with many other creatures.

4. Stay away from the beach.

This is a tip that every player of the game must take to their heart at all costs. Now you might be tempted to get back to the beach to find resources, but it is only a disaster waiting to happen.

The beach offers little to no protection, and the enemy can see you coming from a mile away. And in all seriousness, the resources present on the beach are simply not worth the risk that one might be putting themselves in. No, it is far better to stay inland and focus on gathering essential resources safely.

5. Build a shelter

The days are quite challenging to survive in Ark: Survival Evolved, but they are nothing compared to the nights. In fact, most beginner players would not even survive the first night in the game.

Not only are they open to attack from enemies from all sides with piss-poor visibility, but they are not even your worst enemy. It is the climate on the island that would most likely get you.

The chill of night has extinguished many players’ flames; the same could be the case with you if you are not careful. You need to find ways to ensure that the mercury does not go too low for your character and the only way you can do that is by building a shelter.

But you cannot go about it without giving it much thought. Find a place where you would have ample protection in attack, and then construct a temporary shelter, at least for the first night. Only then would you have any chance of survival in Ark: Survival Evolved.