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If you are starting with board games and are kind of overwhelmed, this article is for you, Review about the top best board games in 2020.

They are more popular now than before, the tabletop versions of games are fun and adventurous for the people at the same time.

Nowadays, there is limited activity for everyone and they tried to explore ways to kill time, people are fonder of classic games like Monopoly to Life of Youth the modern accession as Tickets to Ride, The Settlers of Catan, or Cards against Humanity. But the question arises eventually what is the best board game?

In this article, we have selected some of the best board games that have been released in the past few years. As everyone is stuck at home, these board games can come in handy. 



This is the second version of the board game Carcassonne, but it is much better than the 2011 version. Laying down tiles to build the medieval French town, but the twist in the game does not end here. 

You can even grab the friend’s land and then claim it as your own, turning their hard work into dust. Where can you get such pleasure? This can be yours in the Carcassonne, the game looks simple but it is quite sleek, competitive, and unique.

Once you draw a tile at one place and then place the next tile to the next of the already placed tile, slowly converting it into a landscape. Connect the fields to fields, towns to towns, and paths to paths, and then claim that place for yourself.

If two distinct areas collide together, the person with the possession of the most pieces will end up scoring higher. So if you want to build an empire far from your friends or you get into the feud and the primary action yourself.

Players: 2 to 5   Difficulty: Medium Time to set up: 2 minutes

Time to play: 40 minutes Age: 8 plus

  • Classic game
  • Strategic play
  • Rewards are given for the next moves
  •  Counting the points is quite difficult


Twilight Imperium, Fantasy Flight’s signature game revolves around the galactic world and annihilation. It can host up to four, and six players in a galaxy that takes a wide space and coverage, tons of plastic miniature spaceships, and up to hours of playtime.

Whether you want to be a colonial snobbish like Centauri, a sharp mind like Formics, or a shrewd trader like Ferengi, you can choose an avatar of your choice.

TI’s first edition was released in the late nineties, making this game one of the classic ones. Since then, many redos have aligned the rule set towards more extravagant, more eloquent mechanics and a better visual presentation.

In 2017 it’s the fourth edition that has been launched after 20 years from its initial release, a better, and refined version. There are more concentrated versions available, board, as well as video game, but nothing could match this edition in which you can pretend to be a luxurious character.


Ticket to Ride is undeniably the most accessible board game. It is suitable for all ages, to play this game you don’t necessarily have to get interested in trains. How you score points in this game, players have to create train routes and the winner will be who finishes at the end with the highest score.

Even though Ticket to Ride is a family-friendly game, it also has strategic depth. How are you going to use your best trains? Which route to follow and which one to claim?

Do you plan to complete your routes first, or try to get some shortcuts? There are a lot of points to ponder about. This game is a blend between a family-oriented and a tactical deep strategy.

Train pieces are the basic ones, but the rest of the game is elegantly made. The board is quite a delight, with a skimp of old-school touch that carries over to the cards.

Depending on what country you want to play in, many variants are available. The main version is based in North America, the European version is also popular.

Players: 2-5   Difficulty: Easy Time to set-up: 5 minutes Time to play: 60 minutes Age: 8+

  • Re playable
  • Attractive board
  • Various editions are available
  • The theme is not that exciting


Pandemic, this board game revolves around the outbreak of coughs and sneezes across the world, which means a highly contagious fatal disease. The win is for the team who knows how to communicate, know the threats, plan, and tackle the pressure.

The task is simple, you have to control the outbreak but at the same time find a cure too, that you can do by collecting five cards of the same color. Infections hit the game at every turn and if more than three diseases come in a row, they can spread to other cities too.

The number of infections exponentially increases, so it will become hectic for the players to find the cure or stop the disease from spreading. One of the best board games ever, it now depends on you how you will take care of the crises.

Players: 2 to 4   Difficulty: Hard  

Time to set up: 5 minutes 

Time to play: 30 to 60 minutes Age: 10 plus

  • Intense
  • Awesome game strategy
  • Challenging at every turn
  • Way too much challenging


Modern board games are not just limited to zombies and wars and space dwellers. Still, these genres are ruling the board game industry, but there are some which are unique. One such game is Fog of Love; a romantic and comedy game for two persons.

In this game, both players create their characters and work through countless scenarios that will determine their happy or unhappy endings. It is an amazing game that involves the characters in puzzles but at the same time drifts the story and character ahead and does not let them get lost. 

Fog of Love has made its distinct place in the industry. Its designer Jacob Jaskov played and liked endless board games but his wife was not a fan of any of them. For that purpose, he created this game so that such an audience can also enjoy board games the same as people like conflict-driven or fantasy-related games. 


Gloomhaven is that board game that is a jackpot for the likes of Dungeons and Dragons. Two to four players joined to go on a fantasy conquest for hundreds of hours, with unique characters.

Each character is sealed in a box, so unless you peak up that will remain as a surprise. You might be thinking, is it a video game? But no this is an enormous dungeon-crawling board game.

After choosing the role of a wandering adventurer, you will be brave through the darkest depth of dungeons to kill monsters and find treasure. Leaving the game before the ending would be a discredit to the game. The board box is packed with a lot of other content and features like a folded map.

With every move, you will be making your own adventure book story. Gloomhaven has been surprising that such an adventure game can be played in an analog format. The only downside to this game is its whooping price but the game will keep you going for months.

Players: 1 to 4   Difficulty: Moderate Time to set up: 10 minutes 

Time to play: 60 to 120+ minutes Age: 12 plus

  • Lasting results
  • Strategic depth
  • Amazing miniature
  • Expensive


The Jaws board game turns you into a killing machine. It is based on a 1975 movie, the characters in the game are an adaptation of the movie’s characters. You want to make it out without being killed in the game, you have to work as a team. 

The tabletop version has two parts, the first phase is set up on Amity Island, and it’s sort of a game between a predator and prey. The shark wants to chew as many swimmers as possible and the heroes have to stop the attacks. Event cards will help the heroes or make it difficult for them.

The movements of the shark are known only to the player who is controlling it. The consequences are violent but make everyone stick to the end. The tabletop version of Jaws has two phases that can be played together or separately. This results in an intense but fun chase. The winner of this part will have favor in the second round.

Moreover, the game is equipped with nail-biting conquests and unique designs, Jaws excel with every turn. This is regarded as one of the best games in the movie as for now, you can play with two people or in a group of people too.

Players: 2 to 4   Difficulty: Moderate Time to set up: 2 to 5 minutes 

Time to play: 40 to 60 minutes Age: 10 plus

  • Old-school classic design
  • Properly balanced 
  • Anxiety-laden mechanics 
  • Over excitation at the start


Betrayal at House on the Hill is a board game for those who are die-hard fans of the horror genre. The game casts you as one of the six troops (that little girl with the creepy doll too, yes) before placing everyone in a mansion with many rooms.

Something is waiting inside the house for everyone, and that is of course devilish. Dripping in anxiety, the players lay down rooms and that makes a unique setting every time. 

You don’t know what you get through the next door, your quest can trigger horrific events and Omens as you go through them. Collect as many Omens and a massive horror scenario comes in, that is where the house turns on its residents with savagery.

A serial killer might be waiting for you on the next door, or the monsters are creeping in or the house is kind of immersing. You have to work as a team if you want to make it out alive from the house. One player might turn out a traitor in the end. A knuckle-head game is a must-have for people who love horror movies.

Players: 3 to 6 Difficulty: Moderate Time to set up: 5 minutes

Time to play: 60 minutes Age: 12 plus

  • Re playable
  • Unique and distinct setting
  • Uneven horror scenarios


Flamme Rouge is a fantastic cycling game that distills the mechanics of team cycling from the real world into a fun, strategic, and family-friendly board game. There have to be 2 to 4 players who will control racers (“rouleur” and the other “sprinteur”).

Both are equipped with respective decks of cards from the numbers 2 to 9 (the rouleur spreads from 3 to 7; the sprinteur has a deck of twos and nine on the journey.)

With every turn, players took the cards and choose which rider would go on the modular track. Exhaustion and distinct mechanics will make you end in one space, with head-on-head competition with the next rider just as it happens in real-world cycling.

An excellent board game for the likes of racing and cycling, with an elegant design and top-notch mechanics, this game is a must-have.


Fallout is a war-oriented board game with a lot of quests in its box, different groups to join, and four wastelands that you can explore either alone or with your friends. It is manufactured on the basis of a post-apocalyptic video game; its tabletop version distills everything perfectly.

The game is about an adventure, players will go into the burnt husk of America and loot the wealth, beating the monsters as they pave their paths along the way. At its heart, this is a game about going on an adventure.

The game is overwhelming at the start and your actions with your teammates will decide the fate of the wasteland, which is more satisfying. Your abilities are represented by the iconic ‘S.P.E.C.I.A.L’ statistics on the cardboard. If you are a fan of Fallout, this game will surely win your heart.

Players: 1 to 4 Complexity: Moderate Time to set up: 10 minutes

Time to play: 120 minutes Age: 14 plus

  • Perfectly recreates the original game
  • Strategic depth
  • Time taking