The Best Antivirus Software For 2021

by Nouroze Khan
The best antivirus software

Protect the systems of your devices with the best antivirus software of 2021.

Antivirus software has been an online security host for years now. Because of the growing number of scams by phishing, hacking, and malware day by day, such antivirus software has become as important and necessary as ever to make sure that your device or PC is secured with trusted and best antivirus software.   

The global pandemic has also enraged the need for antivirus software further. It is because of the bad actors trying to exploit more and more people working away from the office and homeschooling. In short, antivirus software is no difficult to download and interpret. 

Fortunately, internet security companies are struggling to achieve good on that ground – constantly updating their software packages to provide security against these threats to your online life. The best antivirus software choices in the market involve watertight virus protection, extra features to keep you safe from scams. The antivirus software is an absolute doddle to install and use. 

If you are in a hurry to find out antivirus software with a full package of latest features protecting you against the latest cyber threats – then investing in the strongest software can be the best option for your concern. We also have gathered here the best antivirus plans if you are looking to take care of your company computers. It doesn’t demand you to consume large amounts of money either, our guide here provides you with the best cheapest available prices for the top software. 

But if you long to have free antivirus software, we also have some best collections in that case.  Let’s have a view of the best antivirus software together, so you opt for you a suitable one… 

First of all, you must have basic knowledge about what is the best antivirus software before choosing and what does it offer?

What is the best antivirus software?

The best antivirus software is that provides you multiple and effective features at minimum or affordable cost. You may have the idea of software like Norton, McAfee, and AVG – but at the same moment, in our perception, Bitdefender is the best antivirus available after its super performance in our testing. It uses watertight security tools with a package of other excellent security features. It’s a doddle to use, and above all, it offers extremely good value for money. 

1. Bitdefender Antivirus

Has an array of features, giving you rock-solid protection – 2021’s best antivirus protection

Bitdefender Antivirus - promotionever

Operating systems: Windows and Mac options | Maximum devices covered: 10 | superior features: Safepay banking protection, privacy tools, web protection, VPN 

Pros & Cons:

  • It’s an excellent antivirus engine
  • Has tons of features 
  • Offer good value for money
  • But it’s not best in terms of resource usage 


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus$23.99/year
Bitdefender Internet Security$31.99/year
Bitdefender Total Security$35.99/year

Bitdefender Antivirus Explanation:

You can say it the world’s highly rated best antivirus software packed with loads of virus protection providers. But it doesn’t even have to cost that much more than free antivirus downloads. 

The main reason for the inevitably top rating of Bitdefender is its core antivirus engine which is excellent and delivers top-notch protection. That is absolutely the main point of any antivirus product. 

Obviously, that’s not the only consideration of Bitdefender, but there are many other strengths of it that bristle with features. The number of features you can avail basically depends on which product you purchase. However, even the entry-level Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2021 gathers in a lot for the money. 

In our Bitdefender Review, you will see a very thorough web protection module (it usually offers class-leading protection from dangerous links), Safepay online banking protection, a password manager, along a vulnerability scanner that provides you alert about missing security updates and patches. 

If we discuss the downsides of Bitdefender, only one thing is worth mentioning and that is Bitdefender uses more system resources than other rival products. 

If you want to grab more features in this software, then Bitdefender Internet Security 2021 delivers exactly the same, adding a firewall, spam filter, and parental controls to keep your kids safe online, with features to bolster privacy such as the anti-webcam hijacking feature. 

Bitdefender Total Security is the ultimate package that gives you more measures with a suite of PC maintenance tools and has the ability to cover all types of devices, delivering apps for Android and iOS hardware operating systems, as well as Mac (and windows) computers. 

That is the thing that renders Total Security a superb overall value proposition. Well, it is still an impressive and great deal for the money.  

2. Norton AntiVirus

It’s the protection that won’t slow you down

Norton AntiVirus Plus Review | PCMag

Operating system: Windows and Mac options | Maximum devices covered by the software: 1 | stand out features: Intelligent firewall, PC maintenance features, a Bundled backup tool with online storage

Pros & Cons:

  • Gives minimal impact on PC resources 
  • Useful bundled backup tools
  • Highly impressive browsing protection
  • Anti-ransomware works – but could be improved


Norton Antivirus Plus$19.99/year
Norton 360 Standard $34.99/year
Norton 360 Deluxe$39.99/year

Norton AntiVirus Explanation: 

This software of Norton Antivirus Plus was known as Antivirus Basic in the past era, but it was reinvigorated to Antivirus Plus Back in 2019. It proposes high-quality virus definitions, and a very light touch when there’s a discussion about resource usage. In reality, according to PassMark’s recent rankings of 2021, Norton leaves the least impact on the performance of a PC in comparison to rival security sites. 

It offers you multiple tools with some of the highlights providing high browsing protection, an intelligent firewall, PC maintenance utilities, and a bundled backup tool with 2GB of online storage. It’s very suitable and easy to use an app, but Norton also offers some special features for experts, permitting plenty of control over configuring custom virus scans, and offering elements like a tool that interprets the reputation of various files on your PC. 

What are the downsides of this software?

The interface could be appealing as a whole but Norton didn’t perform much well as compared to the other competitors in anti-ransomware testing – as it blocked our custom-made threat and it caused the deletion of some files before the testing.  

NortonLifeLock is the new brand name of Symantec also offers some strong security options as compared to Antivirus Plus. 

Moreover, Norton 360 standard adds some more mesmerizing extras combining a fully integrated VPN, dark web monitoring (for US users), more backup storage up to 10GB, and mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems. If you want to secure more than one device with a single program then you need Norton 360 Deluxe that allows for five devices and throws parental control into a mix. It provides you a lot of protection for the money here, and it’s near to upgrade the 360 Standard subscriptions. 

Ultimately, Norton 360 with Lifelock gives the people of the US, a top package, with a full range of identity protection features along with all mentioned above. 

3. Kaspersky Antivirus

A doddle suit that provides top-notch protection

Kaspersky Antivirus Software 2021 | PC Virus Protection | Kaspersky

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered by the software: 5 | stands out features: Highly configurable virus scans, self-protection defense, drive-by cryptomining infection prevention

Pros & Cons:

  • Consists of an excellent antivirus engine
  • Impressive against undiscovered threats
  • Do fast scans 
  • But not strong enough for extra features


Kaspersky Anti-virus$29.99/year
Kaspersky Internet Security$39.99/year
Kaspersky Total Security 5 Devices 1 year$49.99/year

Kaspersky Antivirus Explanation:

It is the entry-level package of Kaspersky Antivirus that provides coverage for up to 5 windows PCs, targeting the fundamental security essentials. Unfortunately, it hasn’t got a huge list of features – particularly in comparison to some of the other products highlighted here. What special “Kaspersky” does? It does some features in a sound-full way.   

Those highly appreciable features include small self-protection routines and fast and highly configurable virus scans. It doesn’t deal with overall virus protection but proved itself to be best in eradicating fresh and undiscoverable threats. Its antiviral properties, actively provide their best. 

Its downsides are the lack of features and the fact that the extra trimmings which are available with Kaspersky Antivirus are a bit trembling. For instance, the compensation wizards provided seem to have limited value, such as the browser configuration wizard that only occupies the internet explorer. Kaspersky internet security provides you an intelligent firewall (that hardly bothers you with fewer queries), and a secure browser (that lets you have safe financial dealings). Possibly, it’s the biggest benefit of that software. However, it covers not just Windows PCs, but also Mac computers and mobile devices. 

Kaspersky Total Security is the showcase product providing you the most comprehensive coverage with the inclusion of a password manager, parental controls, and automated local backups. Kaspersky Total Security is almost certainly worth going for the top package.  

4. Trend Micro Antivirus

An accomplished product with a fire-and-forget anti-malware solution

Trend Micro Antivirus - Antivirus Software - 25% off for PC

Operating system: Windows only | Maximum devices covered by software: 1 | stand out features: Ransomware monitoring, Pay Guard banking protection, high-quality URL blocking

Pros & Cons:

  • Simple jargon-free menus and interface
  • Impressive anti-malware defenses
  • Folder Shield anti-ransomware monitoring
  • Not massively configurable
  • Somewhat draining on your PC resources


Trend Micro Antivirus$32.90/year

Trend Micro Antivirus Explanation:

Trend Micro Antivirus security provides you simple but influencing protection with numerous features such as a user-friendly interface and a refreshing lack of jargon when it is about describing the program’s functions. This is the best antivirus software of 2021

The antivirus engine is a matter of quality but there’s a little disagreement over exactly how good it is. It is rated at the top by the major independent testing labs. It provides you some tough defenses beyond real-time behavior monitoring and that involves an anti-ransomware system called Folder shield. 

In the past, one of the major weaknesses of Trend Micro’s is that it’s a bit of a resource hog. The good news is that the security program is getting improved on that point and we can found the latest version of Antivirus+ security only. It used to have an average performance impact on your PC (it’s not much great, but not as bad as in the past). 

But the next product, Trend Micro Internet Security, is the chief one that combines more security interesting security extras like social networking protection. However, for most people, it’ll be worth stepping up to the flagship Trend Micro Maximum Security that gives protection for Mac and mobile devices (up to 10 of them) as well as Windows (besides it adds a password manager and secure file vault). 

5. Avira Antivirus

Provides solid security with a remarkable exclusive price

Avira Antivirus 2020 7.1.0 Unlocked Apk + Mod for Android - GAME4N

Operating systems: Windows and Mac options | Maximum devices covered by software: unlimited | superior features: Proactive anti-ransomware, banking, and shopping protection, file repair tool

Pros & Cons:

  • Exclusive price makes it so cheap 
  • Gives high protection scores at test labs
  • Configure as you like it
  • But limited in features


Antivirus Pro$9.99/year
Antivirus Security $57.99/year
Antivirus Prime$99.99/year

Avira Antivirus Explanation:

Avira protection is the best antiviral protection of the era. It is among the best out there. But its premium packages shouldn’t be disapproved especially when you consider the incredible price you can now pay for its Antivirus Pro Package. 

It’s the name of Avira’s entry-level software that includes everything you would expect of a modern-day security program. So there’s always real-time scanning on everything that you download, torrent, pull from the cloud, and upload from a USB, best defenses against ransomware; and a file shredder for extra confidentially. 

There’s nothing to do or worried about. Moreover, there isn’t a big deal outside those basics – you would just need to either upgrade to its internet security or prime plan to add extra functions like a password manager, VPN, PC cleaning tools, and mobile app support tools. But Avira has really made an impressive deal in independent test labs likes AV-Comparatives, which gave it a 100% score for trouncing threats.

6. Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

A big tempting lightweight best antivirus software option

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus - Download for PC Free

Operating systems: Windows and Mac options | Maximum devices covered y software: 3 | superior features: Always-on security, identity protection, real-time anti-phishing, firewall monitor

Pros & Cons:

  • Very well-featured
  • Incredibly streamlined app
  • Superfast virus scans 
  • But limited testing data from independent labs


Webroot Antivirus$19.99/year

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus Explanation:

Just as every anti-malware software hold the statement of being “lightweight”, but Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus really delivers on this claim. 

It is very easy to install and use. Its installations require few seconds and use only 15 MB of hard drive space. Furthermore, the app’s memory footprint is just as tiny with virus definitions stored in the cloud. 

Along with this, there’s no compromise on features that makes Webroot superior and impressive above all. It gives you solid malware protection, extremely quick virus scans, along with a small “firewall” monitoring system, accurate real-time anti-phishing, identity theft protection, and much more. Despite it all, it is not ranked by the big-name testing labs.  

The SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus other than Webroot range expands coverage from Windows & Mac PCs to mobile devices also offering a password manager, and covering up to 5 devices rather than 3. At the top of the Webroot range tree, is the Internet Security Complete that introduces an automated backup tool (with 25 GB of cloud storage). It also gives you additional online privacy features. 

SecureAnywhere Antivirus is a software that gives you really everything that you need. Internet Security Plus is the most rounded and picked package nowadays.

7. Avast Antivirus

Heartily well-suited security suite with 3.5 ratings out of 4 

Download Avast Free Antivirus for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 (32 bit/64 bit)

Operating systems: Windows and Mac, Android & iOS | Maximum devices covered by software: 10 | superior features: Ransomware Shield, Real Site DNS hijack prevention, Wi-Fi Inspector

Pros & Cons:

  • Combines plenty of smart features
  • Highly configurable 
  • But it may slow down your PC a little
  • Also has mixed results from antivirus testing labs


Avast Premium Security$59.99/year
Avast Ultimate$99.99/year

Avast Antivirus Explanation:

Avast Premium Security provides you with a bonus load of features on top of the firm’s famous free antivirus product. It combines an effective Ransomware Shield, very thorough anti-phishing protection, a secure browser, password manager, file shredder, and even a Wi-Fi Inspector to look for all the possible threats on your network. It’s surely a pleasing selection for users.

Premium Security is also highly configurable, even up to the installation process, which is a major feature of it. Moreover, its antivirus capabilities are rated confusedly from the independent testing labs but should be proved solid enough.

One issue is there for this antivirus system you must be aware of before using is that it causes some slowdown on the system of your devices at times while being run.

Avast Ultimate is another superb option, that offers you Premium Security bundled with Avast’s SecureLine VPN and some other extras. If you want the VPN that is a surprising offering – then the Ultimate package of Avast is certainly worth considering.

8. Sophos Home 

A great option for multi-device protection

Sophos Home Free Download (2020 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Operating systems: Windows and Mac | Maximum devices covered by software: 10 | superior features: Central management console, AI-powered threat detection, advanced ransomware protection

Pros & Cons:

  • Great antivirus engine
  • Great value for protecting multiple PCs
  • But lack of options
  • A clunky interface in some respects


Sophos HomeFree
Sophos Home Premium$45/year

Sophos Home Explanation:

Sophos Home Premium offers effective protection coverage to almost 10 devices (Windows and Mac computers). It’s such software that has been designed with beginners or newcomers in mind, which is a good thing. Moreover, the experts may also call the interface over-simplified, some folks can be disappointed that there are few options available in this offer.

The UI is also rather awkward a bit but the web management console could be superb for those who long to take control and manage their non-tech-savvy family members’ devices.

Sophos offers effective antivirus protection, and did wonders in passing anti-ransomware tests of AV labs. For the protection and covering given 10 device ceiling – Sophos Home Premium could come out as a great value proposition for those who want to protect multiple computers with a single software.

9. ESET Antivirus

Expert level anti-malware software for top and expert users

Enhanced Key Features ESET Smart Security 9 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9 |  Instant Customer Support

Operating systems for the software: Windows only | Maximum devices covered by software: 5 | superior features: Ransomware Shield, UEFI Scanner, Exploit Blocker, cloud-powered scanning

Pros & Cons:

  • Supremely configurable, tons of options
  • Light on system resources
  • But some shaky results from independent AV labs
  • Also not for novices


Eset Internet Security $39.99/year
ESET NOD32$49.90/year
Eset Smart Security Premium$59.99/year

ESET Antivirus Explanation:

ESET Antivirus and specifically – its NOD32 plan doesn’t have a huge number of features, it’s highly configurable. The persons at novices will find it a tricky program to work in some ways, but experts will admire the level of control available here.

Furthermore, the streamlined program’s slender system footprint is another superb addition to this showcase product. It also does the best heuristic detection around, as well as some quality URL filtering.

However, keep in mind that, from AV labs, there are mixed results for the ESET anti-malware software. Some of the independent testing labs have given slightly worrying reports about ESET’s protection showing that it is a bit shaky but others have given positive results. 

ESET provides higher-end packages in the form of ESET Internet Security and Smart Security Premium under the affordable amount for a single year.  They add a good mix of features, but some of those extras still need improvement – and on balance, NOD32 Antivirus represents the pick of the bunch.

Wrapping up;

In light of the above discussion, all the mentioned best antivirus software has positive and negative sides but you can opt for the most suitable one for yourself. To our knowledge, we have gathered the best choices of 2021 for you with all possible pros & cons, providing you with the best know-how to decide on your own. We care for your privacy assisting you to have secured and safe devices.