🛍️ Shopping Bags Emoji

Shopping Bags Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The one on the front hones a pink design with polka dots, and the back bag is made with a yellow base and orange stripes all over. The other one is pink.

This emoji means buying, spending, and updating. The object shopping bags 🛍️ portrays the act of shopping, in the mall, the grocery store, wherever you need large shopping bags. 

NOTE: Shopping bags 🛍️ were accepted in 2014 as part of Unicode 7.0 and included in 2015 Emoji 1.0.

Similar Emojis

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Also Known As

🛍️ Bags

🛍️ Shopping Mall Bags

🛍️ A Pair of Shopping Bags

🛍️ Carrier Bags

🛍️ Clothes Bags

🛍️ Grocery Bags

🛍️ Shopping

🛍️ Shop-a-Holic

🛍️ Mall Shopping

Apple Name

🛍️ Shopping Bags


🛍 U+1F6CD



:shopping_bags: (Slack)

:shopping: (Github)

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