💎 Gem Stone Emoji

Gem Stone Emoji

Gem Emoji Meaning:

A Gem Stone emoji is made up of a characteristic blue-colored diamond with a sharp floor and a chiseled surface. A gem, as it is placed in a ring. Shaped like a conventional diamond, but with a vivid blue aquamarine color. While the Gem emoji displays a diamond, it depicts all valuable stones and crystals. This object means value, purity, birthstones, and the advantages of crystals. Used for different jewelry content, such as engagement or marriage. It can also express different physical and figurative senses of beauty, wealth, sophistication, value, and sparklingness. 

Some of the emojis are placed together just like a bunch are combinations i.e: Diamond mining ​💎​⛏️​. One of the best examples of the gemstone is; Next week, my niece is getting married congratulations! ! ! 🎉💎🎉💎🎉💎.

NOTE: As part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015, Gem Stone emoji was accepted.

gem stone emoji

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Similar Emojis:

Some other emojis that are similar to the 💎 Gem Stone emoji are 💍 Ring emoji, 💑 Couple with Heart emoji, 🕯️ Candle emoji, 🧁 Cupcake emoji, 👫 Woman and Man Holding Hands, 🤍 White Heart emoji, and 💐 Bouquet Emoji. Among many others, each emoji conveys a singular message.

Also Known As

  • 💎 Diamond
  • 💎 Precious Stone
  • 💎 Gem
  • 💎 Jewel
  • 💎 Gemstone
  • 💎 Valuable
  • 💎 Jewelry Stone


💎 U+1F48E


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