☢️ Radioactive Emoji

Radioactive Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

This emoji is a circle cut into six pieces with three of them are filled in. be very attentive if you see this sign in public, it could mean there is a risk or danger nearby. This symbol has become essential in warning people of radioactive decay, which is a very toxic substance with an extreme impact on animals and humans.

NOTE: Radioactive was accepted in 1993 as part of Unicode 1.1 under the name “Radioactive Sign” and in 2015 added as Emoji 1.0.

Similar Emojis

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Also Known As

☢️ International Radiation Symbol

☢️ Nuclear

Apple Name

☢️ Radioactive

Unicode Name

☢️ Radioactive Sign


☢ U+2622

️ U+FE0F


:radioactive: (Github)

:radioactive_sign: (Slack)

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