🚫 Prohibited Emoji

Prohibited Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

A red circle symbol emoji shows a symbol with a diagonal line through the middle used to express that something is not allowed or permitted.

Similar Emoji

⚔️ Crossed Swords, 🏚️ Derelict House, 🙅 Person Gesturing No, 🚳 No Bicycles, 🔞 No One Under Eighteen, 🚷 No Pedestrians, 🚭 No Smoking, 🔇 Muted Speaker

Also known As

🚫 Banned 

🚫 Circle Backslash

🚫 No 

🚫 Red Circle Crossed

🚫 Restricted

NOTE:  In 2010 under the name “No Entry Sign” prohibited was accepted as part of Unicode 6.0 and in 2015 it was added to Emoji 1.0.

Apple Name

🚫 Prohibited

Unicode Name

🚫 No Entry Sign


🚫 U+1F6AB


:no_entry_sign: (Github, Slack)

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