How to get better as a player in Rust

by heatfeed
How to get better as a player in Rust

Rust has been on the scene for quite a while, and it has not lost any of its appeal – something that is quite commendable. It is pretty standard for games to come into the market with all the hype and have an excellent couple of years. But after that, all goes to dud.

You would not find many active players that regularly play those games that have lost their appeal. But Rust, one can safely say, is not one of those games.

And the reason we say that is because there are hundreds of thousands of active players that enjoy Rust, even in 2022, you among them.

However, just because the game has been around for some time does not mean it has become any easier. In fact, a case can be made just in the opposite direction.

Even with Rust hacks, you would probably find yourself struggling in the game. Although, there is an easy way you can become a better Rust player by following the below-listed tips.

Yes, if you follow our below-listed tips, you will see a massive improvement in your gameplay immediately.

Choose the correct server.

The key to performing well in Rust starts from the very beginning, not with the gameplay but with how you select the server for the same.

Rust is all about making the right choice, and the same is true for the server choice as well. When choosing a server, you need to find one that is not just beginner-friendly but also has fewer players in the arena.

The math is pretty simple here, the fewer your opponents would be, the more resources would be there for you. Also, there is the fact that the chances of you crossing paths with one will also diminish.

So, yes, at the threat of repeating ourselves, you must be careful how you choose your game server.

Set up a base at an ideal location

As we have mentioned earlier, Rust is a game that is all about making choices. If the count of your correct decisions is higher than the incorrect ones, you would likely come out unscathed.

But if the opposite is true, you are in for a rough time. And one of the most crucial decisions you have to make in this game is where you would like to set up your camp. 

There is no perfect answer for this but read carefully about how a professional player describes the perfect base spot.

The ideal base location would be a place that is surrounded by resources but also far from a high-traffic area, or at least adequately hidden. Now, the first spot that came to your mind when you read this would be an excellent place to start.

Stay away from massive monuments on the map.

Monuments on the map of Rust are quite enticing; after all, they are rich in resources and relatively safe. But the safety factor actually depends on how big the monument is. The bigger the monument, the more likelihood of you getting knocked out.

The primary cause of that would be the high level of radiation near those buildings. Yes, that’s right, it is not the enemy players that would be your biggest threat, but the radiation.

However, if you are sufficiently leveled up, you can build a radiation suit and stroll through those inviting monuments without any issue.

Get better at aiming.

We could not press enough about how important it is for you to get better at aiming. Rust is already quite a challenging game where even pro players find themselves struggling from time to time.

There is nothing called guaranteed victory in this survival game. Any weakness you might have will be exploited during a round, and in case you suck at aiming, your chances of survival would be minimal.

You need to get better at aiming for any chance of success, so make this your number one priority.

Farm whenever you can

Rust is a survival game, something that should be obvious by now. You are not just playing against enemy players but also against the environment of the abandoned island itself.

You have to ensure that your health bar always stays positive. You also need to gather resources as quickly as possible.

Farm whenever you can, but do not keep them all on yourself. No, it would be best if you hide them on multiple bases to use them in the future.

So, try this guide to get better as a player in Rust and improve your gaming experience. This guide will surely help.