NFL Super Bowl

by heatfeed

National Football League Super Bowl is an American professional football competition that is one the most enjoyed and celebrated events of the nation. There are two parts to the NFL – the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Each part has 16 teams, adding up to a total of 32 teams in the National Football League. The whole nation sits down to watch the event, and the hype and excitement that happens around the aport and this particular competition is unparalleled. 

Format of the game:

The whole league has a preseason and a regular season.

During the preseason, the games first start at the Fawcett stadium with the paying of the Pro Football Hall of Fame games.  During the time of the preseason matches (which extend for a period of at least four weeks), every NFL team has to host games at their home and they are obliged to play four games two of which have to be in the games conducted at their home stadium.

However, since they are only the preseason matches and not the actual. Or regular these are taken more often than not as an opportunity for the coaches to see the playing of the other teams. And help their teams accordingly for the final matches that will happen during the regular season of the league championships.

The next part of the NFL includes the regular season where the actual matches happen. This extends for a time period of 17 weeks. To give an example, the season sometimes starts labor day (in September) and ends a week after Christmas (Late December or Early January).

Every team has to play every other team in the initial round.  Usually, the games start with a match of the defending champion. And the games are scheduled for Sunday nights to ensure better viewership among audiences as well. 

Match line up:

During this time, the whole match line up happens this way:

First, the American football conferences happen wherein the teams will play among themselves. Among the 16 teams, there will be matches. The top eight winners of these matches will then have to face each other off. This will give rise to two winners. The final standing two winners will play each other in a match; then the American Football Conference champion is selected.

Similarly, the National Football Conference happens with the other set of 16 teams that play against each other. Then there are four matches played by the winners of the previously played eight matches. These four matches then get two winners out of which the National Football Conference champion is selected. 

The finals of the NFL Super Bowl championship will see a face-off between the winner of the American Football Conference. And the winner of the National Football Conference. The winner of the finals in the NFL Super Bowl win the Super Bowl and are named the champions of that year.


The American Super Bowl and the National Football League are among the pride. And the joy of the Americans and the whole nation follows the games every year. In fact, offices and corporations have been known to switch on the television during the Super Bowl season to watch the matches on their premises.