New Luxuries the Hotels are Introducing

by heatfeed
new luxuries the hotels are introducing

Whenever we plan a trip or vacation, we always try to opt for the hotels that are luxurious yet cost-effective. What is the very first thing that comes in your mind when you think of luxurious hotels? Is it the pile of fluffy white pillows, a bedsheet of extremely intricate fabrics, or a balcony with a mesmerizing view?

What are the luxuries every hotel should offer?

Luxury hotels are constantly on the verge of encouraging travelers to fulfill their dreams. They even seek invaluable insight from each guest about their unique experiences. Nowadays, luxury hotels in India aim to treat their visitors better by making extra endeavors of supplying them with a personalized experience to create lasting memories and feelings.

Luxury is now more characterized by reputation than the services the hotels offer. It revolves around the demands of the customers to entice them, which further creates more challenges — a few key points which every hotel should acknowledge before they call themselves luxurious.


Trustworthiness, reliability or authenticity is the main point that falls on the category of the hotels which offer luxuries to their guests. Authenticity or reliability is the best luxury that a hotel can offer to its guests. As per the studies, luxurious products and amenities are not enough to satisfy the visitors.

Authenticity only lies where a particular hotel will be able to prove its reliability in terms of guests’ expectations. Every hotel should treat their guests with top priority and offer the cultural connection they need.


Employ the highly decorated and disciplined staff in your hotels. Great service has always been a luxurious hallmark for hotels. It is one of the benefits that distinguish them from the smaller brands or local manufacturers. However, it is important to acknowledge that great service is not only about smiling and offering, but also accepting feedback and criticism to improve the services.


Technology predominates in almost all of our operations, and it seems to be in the DNA for many of the visitors. Wifi connectivity, the use of different apps, and the addition of smartphones to the experience are becoming the norm for a new generation of luxury guests. There is an issue here with a luxurious home.

Although some of our guests always want to be linked, others want their stay to be time-off from electronics. And here, the main question arises. How can all your clients be taken care of? You have to choose either of the two services and specialize in it. It comes down to understanding which side of the spectrum has more merit for your hotel.


There are several other luxuries which a hotel should deliver to its guests during their stay. Transparency, wellness, and accessibility can be added to the list. Cost, position and price remain priorities in repeated reservations for all consumer segments.

At this point, however, a hotel’s brand name becomes less important. It is because visitors rely less on the reputation of the hotel and more on their interaction with the company. For the repeated guests, the hotel staff must offer reliable service, resolve their issues, and answer their needs with eagerness.