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Muchodeporte is a digital portal for Sports news from Andalusia, and the country of Spain. Having been founded in the year 2000, Muchodeporte has become one of the most trusted sports websites in the Andalusia region, as well as in Spain. There is an advantage to the company as they primarily work towards providing accurate information in the area, thereby building huge amounts of trust amongst the locals. 

Andalusia is well known for hosting one of the most fearsome rivalries in all of World football. Real Betis and Sevilla, the two teams from the city of Sevilla, have been fierce rivals on and off the pitch. Muchodeporte in their coverage, provide updates primarily on this rivalry, and the clubs individually. After all, this rivalry brings in a lot of traffic on the website.

The website has a very interesting user-interface. It does not give the feel of being a Sports website and lacks the much-needed dynamism. However, the content uploaded is top-notch and in high quality. In the sports world, transfers are one of the most sought-after pieces of information. Every news agency, website, and media house focuses on getting information about the clubs signing new players, even before the information is made public. Muchodeporte has often predicted transfers for the two Andalusian clubs, and their prediction is seldom wrong. Not even a week past the end of a transfer window, there are speculations of potential transfers that might happen in the future. Muchodeporte also reports various such news, although most of these are just rumors.

Real Betis 

Real Betis is a Football club in the city of Sevilla and was formed as a result of separation from its parent club of Sevilla FC. Today, Real Betis play in La Liga and are one of the mid-table finishers. Over the years, Betis has faced several relegations, but today are a part of arguably the best team in the league. On Muchodeporte, Real Betis is the first menu, and any information from the club, be it new transfers, injuries to their players, are all uploaded on the website and can be seen in this column. Muchodeporte covers all of Real Betis’s practice sessions, their home games, and their away matches. They keep a close watch on the transfers and the potential signings for the club. 

Sevilla FC 

Sevilla FC is another Andalusian club, which has a history of over a century. There are no doubts as to which of the Andalusian club has had a more satisfying history. Sevilla has always been a team that has been capable of finishing in the Champions League, and have even won the Europa League. Muchodeporte keeps tabs on Sevilla as well and gives it equal importance. This is very necessary for an organization to be transparent and not be biassed towards any one of two such rivals. From new signings in the youth as well as the first team to players and other staff leaving the club, Muchodeporte reports everything. Since Muchodeporte is a local digital newspaper, they have a much better scouting and information network when compared to other publications.  


Football is not the only sport that is popular in Andalusia, and in Spain to be general. Sports like Golf, Lawn Tennis, and racing sports are also given high levels of importance by the local media, authorities, and the residents. The podcasts section of Muchodeporte is dedicated to providing precise news from all sports, including Football, without focusing on the two Sevilla clubs. 

The podcasts sections also upload the interviews of famous sportspersons, the press conferences of coaching staff and players, and also the build-up to the upcoming events are also discussed. 

Regional Soccer 

Although Sevilla and Real Betis are the two clubs that garner most of the limelight, there are several smaller football clubs and associations. This is similar to the Sunday League in other European countries. Apart from these two teams, there is a third Andalusian team named Granada, which also plays in the La Liga. Apart from these teams in the top division, three teams have been relegated to the lower division. These are Malaga, Cadiz, and Almeria.  

These are the most significant sports clubs in the autonomous state of Andalusia. People here look to enjoy the sport very much, and over the years, it has become a part of the culture. There are regular games, and you can even be part of these if you like. Although the media do not cover them, there is a light atmosphere for the locals to enjoy.  

The column of Regional Soccer on Muchodeporte deals with these local matches. Although most of the lower level matches are not covered in-depth, there are surely cameras around to pick up any talent from these fields. 

Andalusia Sport 

Andalusia is famous for its Soccer fraternity and loyal support to the teams; however, the residents have a similar passion for other sports as well. Racing Sports have always been attractive, not only in Andalusia but in Spain in general. People tend to start at a very young age to make their careers in Racing Sports. The residents are very passionate about these, especially MotoGP, which has many Spanish stars. 

There is Volleyball, Basketball, and Golf, which are all quite popular among the Andalusians. Sports are like a necessity for the residents in Andalusia, as they are used to having regular games. Muchodeporte cover all of these sports and provide information from inside the team’s dressing rooms, and training grounds. Also, they cover the Andalusian sides when they go to other cities and sometimes other countries for away matches.  

Muchedeporte Club 

Muchodeporte Club is a separate column for the individuals to search the news regarding any particular club. You can search for any sport, from the most popular ones like Football and Golf to the lesser popular ones like Cycling, and Fencing. 

When you click on the Muchodeporte club on the main menu, you can see a filter bar. In the filter bar, there are four columns.  

#1. Sport

In this column, you can see a list of all the games played in the Andalusian state. This includes Chess, Athletics, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, Billiards, Horseriding, Tennis, Table Tennis, Archery, Water Polo, Golf, and of course, Football. Select the name of the sport you wish to know more about or read the latest articles on. 

#2. Province

In the province column, you get the following: Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Malaga, Sevilla, Huelva, Pomegranate, and Jaen. Most of these provinces have a club of their own, from various sports. Football is the most popular sport, but apart from Malaga, Sevilla, and Almeria, the other provinces are famous for different games. 

#3. Location

If you know the location of the team, you can search for articles on them on the Muchodeporte website. This is suitable if you wish to know more about regional teams, which are primarily based in localities, instead of cities. Most provinces have several teams from different localities playing different sports. 

#4. Name Of Club

This column is for the people who are looking for a particular club. People who know the name of the club, but lack the geographic knowledge of it. Simply click on the filter bar and enter the name of the club you wish to read about.  

Sports Center 

Popular amongst sports enthusiasts who not only enjoy the local matches but appreciate teams from around the world. In this section, there are no boundaries to the content. A lot of it is from the Andalusian state, but that is just because of the number of sporting activities that take place here.  

Muchodeporte cover sports from around the world and bring the latest updates, match results, and other news to this section of their website. 

Other Features

It is clear that when it comes to Andalusian sports, there are not many newspapers better than Muchodeporte. From the quality of the news to the extensive range it covers, there is very little that Muchodeporte leaves to be desired from a sports website.  

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, few more features can turn out to be useful. One such feature is Upcoming Matches. Football can never leave the Andalusians, and the website since it is targeted at the local audience provides most of the news from the local football clubs. In the Upcoming Matches section, you can find the dates of the next match for both Sevilla and Real Betis. The website also mentions if the game is a home game or an away one for the respective club. 

Audio Podcasts is also a good feature, and can be useful for people who wish to read an article, but are too busy to do so. Simply play the audio podcast and listen to it. 

There is a search bar at the top right corner, which is a useful addition to the already precise filter option. Simply click on the Search icon, a search bar opens up. Now type whatever you are looking for and press enter to view the matching articles. 

You can also follow and share these articles on your social media. You can do this via—Twitter, and Facebook, which are both active.

Advertisements/Popups On Muchodeporte?

Advertisements! Yes, a lot of them. Muchodeporte is one of the best sites for reading about sports in Andalucia, but the sheer number of advertisements makes the experience slightly underwhelming. Mostly the ads do not interfere with the browsing, but sometimes while reading, a commercial would come up suddenly and then automatically disappear. Although this is a small issue, and you didn’t have to do anything to close the ad, it did distract you from whatever you were reading.  

The good thing is that there are no popups, which means that while browsing, you click on something, and a new popup opens up. This can be as irritating as anything, but luckily the advertisements are limited. It is just their positioning on the website that is troubling sometimes.

Legal Or Not?

Absolutely Legal. Muchodeporte is an All rights Reserved website; which has been operational for over a couple of decades now, without facing any such Legal troubles. The content is all original and prepared by the Muchodeporte staff itself. If you wish to understand the working of the website better, please visit the Terms and Conditions page of Muchodeporte.


Muchodeporte is an excellent website, especially because it provides primarily local sports news. Although this is advantageous for the locals who get a dedicated website. One might feel that there should be a bit more of sports in the country. This will give the local news a better perspective. Otherwise, in terms of safety, features, and updates, Muchodeporte is loaded to the brim.