Morteau sausage

by Katie J. Ray
morteau sausage

Morteau saucers appeal to both guests and gourmets because of their generous, smoky taste and balance of texture. Connoisseurs are not mistaken: this is an inspired regional product of traditional crafts, whose authenticity and quality have been preserved. It, therefore, is in the heart of snow-capped plateaux and green wetlands that men and women can cultivate their traditional heritage to you in Franche-Comté, in 4 departments (Doubs, Jura, Haute-Saône, Territoire de Belfort, etc.). This passion, passed on by every player in the sector, gives IGP sausage morteau the genuine character and uniqueness of its taste.

How to cook morteau sausage?

Step by step recipe :

Time taken for a sausage to cook is 1 –  40 min.

Cooking in water:

This is the most frequently used method, but the least: part of the sausage taste with cooking water.

Put the sausage in a large saucepan, put it over a hot saucepan, and don’t pick it because water goes into the saucepan; spoil it and cook for 40 minutes over medium heat with a lid.

Note: Cooking morteau sausage to cook water can then be used, for example, to cook rice or pasta.

Stage 2:

Cooking in the oven:

Taster because the baked morteau sausage cooks its flavors in its juices.

Wrap sausage for approximately 40-45 minutes in two aluminum foil layers in the oven, at 390°F (200°C).

baked in oven
Stage 3:
cooked on potato

Cooking on potatoes: 

It is the “lodge sausage,” which I call, and we cook it on a bed of peeled, cut potatoes in a large pan—a sheer pleasure.

         Steam :

To get steamed morteau sausage put a little platter on the bottom of the pot to hold the saucers out of the water. Add the sausages to the pot in about 2 cm of water. Cover and let cool for about 15 minutes. Bring to a boil. Terminate on the grill to pin the skin.

Why morteau sausage are famous?

The recipe of sausage is famous as Morteau sausage recipe, called Belle de Morteau, which is a pork sausage traditionally smoked and produced exclusively in French Country. It was born in the town of Morteau. It is produced at an altitude greater than 600 m on the plateau and in the Jura mountains (2,000 ft). At the center of this craft, the industry is the city of Morteau.

Because animals are traditionally fattened in this mountainous region, the cooking of smoked Morteau sausage ingredients is produced using only Franche-Comté pork. In addition, the lentil sausage cook must be smoked within the tuyé for at least 48 hours with the sawdust of the conifer and juniper, to be allowed to use the marking “Saucisse de Morteau.” However, it is not cooked since there is a strong air current accompanying the combustion. Many regular sausages are used to make hotdog.

The sausage of the Morteau is protected with the PGI label of the European Union, which ensures its quality, source, and method of preparation as a French regional specialty. A metal marking and a small wooden stick wrapped around the end of the line are usually provided by Authentic Morteau.

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