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Invertia is a part of El Espanol, which focuses explicitly on imparting the latest economic news from Spain as well as other countries around the world. Any changes in the financial status of any country do affect every other company, some more than others. If Spain’s neighboring countries employ new economic reforms, they will affect Spain. However, if there is a country which is not involved with Spain in any kind of significant business deal, the effects on Spain might be negligible. 

Invertia is an exclusive website for providing the users with the latest news from the economic sector of Spain, and the impact of other country’s economy on that of Spain’s. 

Being an economic newspaper, Invertia has a very sophisticated website and offers a clean and minimalistic outlook. There are features like newsletters. However, those are only available if you are a subscriber. There is information about the stock market, and this is regularly updated to provide the users with the latest stock prices. However, you should read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this home page before using the stock prices show on Invertia for some use. 

On the home page, any news that is uploaded, there is a mention of its genre. Suppose there is an article on a particular technological advancement in Spain or otherwise, the term ‘Technology’ is mentioned in the article title.  

There is a small red strip, where the last important news is mentioned. There might not yet be an article available on this report, but you get the gist of it by the title. 

A video column towards the end of the home page provides recent videos from around the world. This includes interviews from politicians, people in business, and other influential people. News regarding the market is also posted in this column, in the form of a video.  


In the main menu of the website, the market is the first option. Market discusses the latest trends, their advantages and disadvantages for an individual, and much more. There are a few sub-divisions to this section to provide you with precise knowledge from each sector of the market. 


This column is dedicated to an analysis of the current market trends and their impact on the country’s growth in the short term as well as long time. Also, if there is a financial bankruptcy declared by a company or other organizations, it affects the growth of the country and causes a decline in the growth. These happenings in the Financial space of the country are analyzed in this sub-section. This gives an idea of the ground reality of the economy of the country and what you, as a citizen, must expect in the near future as a result of these changes. 


This column provides a detailed data of the stock market, including the current price, minimum price, and maximum price. Also, there are the latest news articles from the stock markets, and since this is primarily affected by companies from around the world, Invertia provides regular updates regarding the same. 


IBEX 35 is the benchmark for the stock markets and is Spain’s primary stock exchange. All the news regarding IBEX35 is regularly updated in this column of the website. 

Continuous Market 

This is where leading trading takes place. Under the Continuous Market column, you can find a proper chart consisting of the names and data of different companies. The value, change in the price, minimum, maximum price, and percentage of growth or decline, are mentioned in this column. 


MAB is a sub-market in Spain, which deals with the stock exchange in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, and Valencia. The most recent trends in the market can be seen here as this column is also regularly updated, sometimes even several times a day. 

Foreign Exchange 

In this column, you can see the current value of the currencies of different countries. The ratio between Spain’s currency and that of other countries is also mentioned here. 

Raw Material 

This column represents the amount of raw material generated and bought by companies. This included the likes of gold and silver mines in other countries as well.  


Cryptocurrencies have seen a very steep rise in recent years, but this is more like a ‘High-Risk High Reward’ kind of a thing. You have to be on your toes when dealing with cryptocurrencies. This column describes the various cryptocurrencies and their latest trends, including the decline and rise of each of these currencies. 


After the stock market, business is probably the second most significant factor in the economic growth of a country. Some countries have developed attractive programs to invite foreign investment, while others tend to depend on their tourism and other such businesses. The business column is dedicated to precisely this kind of information. There are the following sub-divisions. 

#1. Banking

Banking is a significant business for any country and is a requirement for both countries and the residents. Ranging from the smallest of banks to the larger ones, you can find updates from each bank in this column. Changes in the interest rates, or bank crisis, there are articles available on everything. 

#2. Construction And Infrastructure

Spain is known for its infrastructure, ranging from sky-high buildings to stadiums; it has everything. In this column, you can find articles on the new constructions, and also informs the users of the policies of the government regarding Construction And Infrastructure. 

#3. Distribution

From pizza delivery to grocery delivery to liquor distributions, you can find regular updates on this sector via. The uploaded articles. 

#4. Energy

Spain is emerging as a hub for gree energies, to reduce pollution, and improve the standard of living. From electric vehicles to solar-powered powerplants, Invertia provides news about all of these.  

#5. Real Estate 

Real Estate has grown in importance over the years, especially with the growing economy of the country, and the expansion of cities. The prices are regularly increasing. All these updated prices and other news from the Real Estate world can be seen in this column. 

#6. Health 

In a crisis like the Corona Global pandemic, which had devastating effects in Spain, the Health section of the news becomes of prime importance. You get regular updates to prevent yourself from such diseases and maintain proper hygiene. 

#7. Technology 

Technology is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors not only in Spain but in the world. Every single day, there is a new tech coming to the market in an attempt to make the quality of life even slightly better than before. 

#8. Tourism 

Tourism, no doubt, is amongst Spain’s largest industries. Every individual in the world must have once thought of visiting Spain, and many have it in their bucket lists as well. People usually travel for exceptional natural beauty and its fantastic camaraderie with the high rise buildings in the country. However, Sports is a sector which brings in a huge number of tourists. Games like Champions League, Catalunya Gran Prix, and Spanish Cup, all bring in large crowds of visiting fans.  


Every country’s economy is somehow dependent on other country’s economies, and a change in their stand leads to a global economic effect. The Corona Virus Pandemic had caused the economy of the world to go down, and it will surely take some time to revive it. Amidst all this, if any country stops doing business with another one, it has significant ripples amongst the global economy.  

To get regular updates from the economic sector, visit the Economy column of Invertia. 

My Finances 

This column is necessary for people who have their money invested or have taken a mortgage or a loan. You get information about the latest changes in the taxes levied by the government. The latest interest rates on different kinds of loans are also available here. You can keep track of your investments and your taxes with the help of this column.  


In the opinion column, the editors of the Invertia newspaper present their views on the recent trends in the country. Every day there are dozens of these editorials. The primary purpose of these is to provide the users with a different point of view and solve any dilemmas in the people’s minds regarding a particular news article. 

In The Minute 

This is a fantastic feature of the Invertia website. There is a timeline for the whole day, and whenever news comes out, it is represented in this column, alongside the exact time when it was released on the Invertia website. This includes news from Spain and around the world. 

Other Services 

Invertia offers the digital newspaper service, apart from this, there are a few more services that are offered. 

  • Newspaper Library 
  • Contests 
  • Themes 
  • Newsletters 
  • Idealistic 

Other Features 

Apart from the website, Invertia has its mobile phone applications available as well. You can opt to download those and get regular updates in the form of notifications. There is an app built specifically for Android and one for the iOS operating system.  


You can use the website for free, without the need to make any subscriptions. However, there is a premium option available. You can opt to go premium to avail of additional benefits. Once you have a premium account, you can use it on any device via your registered ID and password. 

Is The Invertia Website Legal? 

Absolutely. Invertia is an entirely legal website with all rights reserved. It is operated under the title of El Espanol, which serves as its parent company. 


Yes, there are a few advertisements here and there, but rest assured you won’t get irritated. You would not even notice most of these ads. These are usually placed at the top of the webpage and do not interfere with the browsing experience of the users. 


Although Invertia is under the banner of El Espanyol, it has a pretty solid reputation among the residents. Touted to be amongst the best economic newspapers in the country, Invertia enjoys a loyal fan base. The premium subscription is a welcome addition, and so are mobile phone applications.  

There are no fake links or third-party authorities at work on Invertia, and hence you do not get distracted from whatever you are doing.