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by Nouroze Khan

FreeCell Solitaire – A-game “King” of All @ 

FreeCell Solitaire has always strived to make you feel better and pleasure in your life. We bring you daily news about the hot stories of celebrities, reviews about the products you crave, and a lot of knowledge in other fields. 

But here, we have come up with a game to give a little spice to your boring routine! Yeah! has launched the most awaited game in its interface FreeCell Solitaire.  Most of the users are enjoying the game and have given us amazing feedback about it that it is a thrilling addition to our site. But on the same side, some others also asked us to add “The Way of Play” in its description to know how to play?  

So, below we will describe the all details about the Free Cell Solitaire and the easiest and most tricky method of playing it. Then, what are you waiting for??? Let’s cut it right to the chase and delve into the world of Free Cell online, with ACE, KING, QUEEN, and JACK…! 

What is FreeCell Solitaire?

FreeCell play online is a card game that is played with extreme patience and diligence. It is a card game that is played using a 52-Card deck. Most of the deals are solvable when we talk about Free Cell Solitaire. It is highly compatible with the Windows OS since 1995, this thing greatly contributed to the game’s popularity among PC users. 

Free Cell Rules:

The rules to play this game is really simple for the FreeCell Solitaire rules here;

FreeCell Rules
  • You only have to create ascending sequences from “Ace to King” for each one of the four suits. 
  • Moreover, for your convenience, there is the availability of free cells on the top of the suits where you can place the cards if necessary for creating ascending decks.  

Layout Structure of FreeCell:

The layout of the Solitaire FreeCell online free is like that;

FreeCell Solitaire Card Game
  1. Its background is Green and consists of 8 columns or cascades with 52 decks. It consists of four open cells and four open foundations. Four of these cascades consist of seven cards each and the other four consist of six cards each. 
  2. On the top corner of the screen is the sequence or row of Free Cell online places where you can place cards for your help. 
FreeCell Solitaire Game
  1. On the right side there are two options;
  • Hint bulb 
  • Undo option

Hint Bulb: 

  • The hint bulb at the start of the game has 5 hints and it works when you click on the Hint Bulb. It is useful in case you don’t find a way for proceeding with the game further or if you have stuck, it will show you the path of arranging cards by popping up some specific card for a second.  
FreeCell Cards Game
  • As you gonna click on the Hint Bulb, once you’ve clicked on it five times then for further hints you have to watch ads. Usually 3 hints for watching a single ad!   

Undo Option:

FreeCell Solitaire Online Game

Besides the Hint Bulb, there is an option with a curved arrow sign “Undo Option”. By clicking on it, you can undo your most recent action and your cards will move back to their previous places from where you’ve lifted them. 

  1. On the very left corner of the screen (in the same row where lies the hint bulb and undo button), there is a splitter box which on clicking takes you to other options such as 
  • New game 
  • Restart 
  • Card Backs 
  • Continue 
FreeCell Solitaire Game Options

New Game: 

When you press the “new game” option, you start a new game with a new arrangement of cards. 

Restart option:

This option enables you to start a new game after you’ve paused it. By clicking on this option, you restart a new game direct irrespective of the arrangement where you did leave. 

Card Backs:

FreeCell Card Backs

When you click on the Freecell card backs option, you basically command to change the back design of all cards. With just one click on it, you are directed to the collection of back designs of cards, from where you choose your favorite one. 

Change Card Back

And then when you start a new game, the back of the cards appear akin to the one you chose. 

FreeCell Free Card Game


This option commands the continuation of the game you are playing. It takes you to the game from where you paused. 

  1. Time counter: 
Time Counter

This counter counts the time that you consume to complete the game. But the question arises when is the game completed? It is completed when you’ve completed about 4 suits from “Ace to King” in ascending order.   

  1. Point box:

You get the points upon playing the game with accuracy or when you gonna complete an ascending column of cards from “Ace to King”. This usually tells your progress in the game.

Point Box
  1. Bonus box:

In this box, your bonus is counted that you get on completing a suit or ascending cascade.  

Method of play:

  1. You start the game by pressing the start button
  2. Once you’ve started the cards will be distributed along the 8 cascades (four columns with 7 cards and the other four with 6) consisting of a total of 52 decks. 
  3. Then it is on you how to create ascending columns from “Ace to King”. Once you’ve completed you win the game. 
  4. Most of the deals on Free cell Solitaire are solvable. So, don’t get panic and just keep on playing with patience and vigilance. 
  5. You’ll definitely win the game.   

Why is it amazing to play FreeCell Solitaire on Heatfeed???

As many sites offer games but why should you play FreeCell Solitaire specifically it is because of the opportunity that It provides to the users “No signup requirement”. Yes! we don’t demand you to register or make an account on our site to play this tricky game. 

No sign up

More than that you can also get several other games on our site to play by clicking on the More Games option.

Wrapping up;

To put it in nutshell, Free Cell Solitaire is just amazing and brain-sharpening to play. If you want to have quality time while using your PC, Tablet, or Computer, you must play FreeCell Solitaire on Heatfeed.  

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