Fernando Alonso: The Famous Formulae1 Driver

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Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a Formulae1 driver, who has had a phenomenal career in top tier racing. He is often regarded as one of the best racers of all time, not only in Formulae1 but also in other motorsports like Endurance Racing and Le Mans. His so-called ‘Purple Patch’ came when he was a driver for the Renault Team, during 2005, and 2006 seasons. Although Renault is not the best of cars on the F1 circuit, it was Alonso’s mastery of the art of racing that led to two titles in consecutive seasons. 

Early Childhood 

Fernando Alonso the youngest F1 driver was born in a middle-class family and had a decent childhood. He started in Go-Karting as a three-year-old, and some exceptional performances meant that he garnered recognition on local, national, and World stage. He won several titles during his stint as a Go-Kart racer.  

After impressing with his abilities behind the wheels in these events, Alonso moved to Car Racing in 1999 and won the Euro Open by Nissan in the same year. The following year he finished fourth in the International Formulae 3000 Championship. After these two years in car racing, Noticias Fernando Alonso debuted in the Formulae1 and was considered as a prospect. 

Fernando Alonso Career 

Minardi, an F1 team in operation during those days, signed Alonso for the 2001 season. In 2002, Alonso switched to Renault as a test driver. In the following year, he was promoted to the permanent driver position. He won the 2005 and 2006 championships when racers like Kimi Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher were still on the track.  

The following year, he moved to Mclaren, and finished third in the standings, following which he returned to Renault for another couple of seasons. In 2008 and 2009, Alonso was unable to match the successes of the previous seasons but did enough to grab a fifth place in the driver standings of 2008. 

From 2010 to 2014, Alonso moved to Ferrari and drove alongside Felipe Massa, another legend of the sport. Sebastian Vettel, the driver for Redbull, was considered a hotshot rookie back then, and Alonso was supposed to be a driver past his prime. Still, Alonso managed to finish second only to Vettel for three years during his stint at Ferrari. The rivalry between the two had grown to the extremes, as neither backed off from a duel. There are many Gran Prix, which have resulted in either of the two crashing out of the race.   

Fernando Alonso Ferrari

Ferrari then decided to make a slight change and introduced Kimi Raikkonen as their driver for the 2014 season. This season, Alonso did not perform on par with his previous performances, which was a result of poor management, and some technical issues with the car. And hence from 2015, Alonso switched back to Mclaren, and Ferrari signed Sebastian Vettel as his replacement.  

Alonso drove for Mclaren from 2015 to 2018 and was usually middle of the table. This was because the Mclaren car was not as stable and competitive as it was a decade ago. After the 2018 season, Alonso left F1 and started a career in other forms of car racings. He is a champion of the World Endurance Series, 24 Hour Le Mans, and 24 Hours of Daytona.  

In his long and industrious career as an F1 driver, Alonso was won 32 races and 22 pole positions. He garnered a total of 1899 points from his 311 starts. During the era when several great racers were in their primes or were starting, Alonso made a name for himself by becoming the youngest driver to win a pole and a race as well. Most of his success came with the Renault car, which was a great car, but nowhere near the likes of Ferrari, Mercedes, or Redbull.  

Driving Style 

Alonso was known to by the fans and the media for extracting much more out of the car that he drove. He was a master of driving in the rain and was remarkably consistent in his driving technique. His technique was such that he was often compared to Ayrton Senna. Fellow drivers also agreed to the fact that Alonso was able to generate much more pace coming out of the corner, and his grip was always on point. This helped him get out of the corner at higher speeds. Noticias Fernando Alonso created overtaking maneuvers with such ease, and with his corner exit speeds, he usually came out on top.  

During the mid-2000s, Alonso had a driving style that extracted a lot out of the Renault car. However, this brought a fair amount of criticism. Noticias Alonso’s steering maneuvers were different from his predecessors, and his successors. No driver in history has ever used such driving tactics. If you are a professional or have been following F1, you might just consider Alonso’s driving style as wrong rather than unique. 

The main reason for his retirement is cited to be the inconsistencies in the FIA organization and corruption. According to him and as most other racers describe, F1 has now become more than racing. 

Fernando Alonso Museo y Circuito 

Museoycircuito is a museum, and an online store dedicated to Fernando Alonso. Alonso, during his career, drove numerous cars, from Go-Karts to F1 to LeMans. This museum is a credit to his illustrious career and consists of several of the racing gear used by Alonso. 

The website is genuinely built to impress, and offers one of the best User-Interfaces you will ever come across.  

Museoycircuito is not just a museum or a store; it is a Karting school and provides Road Safety Education as well. The operation timings for the store are fixed, and the locker rooms shall close half an hour earlier. 

Here are the different aspects of the website. 


The museum was started in 2015 and showcased hundreds of showpieces from different occasions of Alonso’s career. To visit the museum, you need to book tickets, and that can be done from the Fernando Alonso Museo website. In the Museum column, you have two options available.  

  • Tickets and More 
    In this column, you can book tickets for the museum, and get to know about the artifacts that Alonso has allowed to present to the citizens. There are go-karts, trophies, helmets, and many other such items of prime importance.
  • Getaway Packs 
    Fernando Alonso is a massive name in the Formulae1 fraternity. People from around the world follow and idealize him. Many of the tourists coming to visit the museum are from other cities or even other countries. To facilitate such visitors, there are Hotels+Museum packs, where you can book a ticket to the museum and a hotel room nearby.  


As you already know, Museoycircuito is a school for car racing aspirants. There is a specialized track available near the museum itself. The road has received international accolades and is designed by Fernando Alonso himself. This track is capable of hosting several races at the highest level, all round the year. In this column, you get three options: 

  • Info
    You can read about the details of the track, its specifications, and other details like track length, etc. There are two secondary tracks on offer as well.
  • Calendar
    The calendar is released every year and displays the existing schedule of the race track. Numerous events take place here, such as Sprint Races, 12, and 14 hrs Endurance races. Look at this schedule and plan your visit to the museum accordingly, so that you do not miss a significant event. 
  • Endurance Series
    Alonso is a proven Endurance series driver, and the track at Museoycircuito is perfect for Endurance Races. There are multiple such events hosted on the track. 


The Events column consists of the upcoming events. There might be Karting competition going on or an Endurance series taking place on the track. Keep a record of the Events column to know when the Qualifying and other events are.  

Road Safety Education 

Road Safety is a necessary aspect of riding. The ability to drive well on familiar roads does not mean that you will excel on the track, and vice versa. There is a basic difference between riding on a street and riding on a track. You have a lot of freedom on the track, and since you are clocking high speeds, you need to be precise.  

On the other hand, street riding is slightly more forgiving, as you do not clock excessive speeds. Also, there are numerous vehicles around, and you have to drive, keeping them into consideration. 

It is advantageous for children to learn the traffic and other road rules, at a young age. Because during the early years, a rider can be molded, while in later years, it becomes challenging to learn new techniques or change your technique.  

This Road Safety Course prepares the children for their future in racing and gives them proper insights from the racing world. 

Karting School 

Karting is where all riders start, and it serves as the starting point for younger drivers. The Karting school promotes the sport, and the importance to drive under the limits outside the track and create new restrictions on the road. On the track, as a driver, you have a minimal vision, and a lot of adrenaline, this adrenaline, grip, acceleration, and overtaking maneuvers are what need to be taught to the younger drivers.

Once these basics are instilled into the young drivers, they are on track to achieving success. Motorsports is one of the most disciplined sports in the world, and a tiny mistake, or miscalculation, or lack of precision can lead to fatal injuries. To avoid such a mishap, Karting School prepares the drivers to handle any such unforeseen circumstances on the track. 


You can contact the Museoycircuito Circuit, if you are looking to enroll, or are merely willing to visit there for any event.  


Museoycircuito is a fantastic initiative from Fernando Alonso, to instill discipline, and develop driving techniques amongst the aspiring drivers from a very young age. The track is fantastic and well laid out for events of a different class, and vehicles.  

The website is also fantastic, and provides free delivery on certain products in the store, for limited areas in Spain. The Museoycircuito website will encourage you to go ahead and join the program as soon as you can.