Cook Like A Pro, And Eat Like A Star

by heatfeed

Are you thinking of eating crispy pie, and what you really get is melted cheese and uncooked dough?

When making muffins, do you turn your kitchen into a battleground? Don’t get disappointed, because you can easily fix these things.

All you have to do is use the tips from experienced chefs to make your cooking a lot better. And you don’t have to spend any money on special equipment.

It can be very difficult to learn to cook. Continue to read a few great cooking tips to help your inner chef to grow, and cook like a pro.

Cook Like A Pro

1. Take care of the cooking tools

Pay attention to your cookware. If you want your wood-cutting board to last longer, it is important to take proper care of them. Keep a cutting board away from heat and excessive or insufficient moisture because this can result in splitting and warping.

Use a sponge instead of immersing it in soapy water if you have to clean your cutting board. If you need to repair a broken plate, use a wooden cutting board formulation oil daily. After oiling, let it dry for a while. Sanitize your kitchen tools as much as possible. It will lead to better food habits.

2. Be a little creative to add fun to your cooking

Make cooking enjoyable. You don’t have to follow a recipe necessarily. Adjust foods to your needs through the inclusion, elimination, or even scrapping of an item. It’s a modern dish! Always make simple dishes with fresh seasonings and herbs.

If it is complicated, follow the steps of the recipe, and you’ll be able to cook even the difficult dish. Fresh herbs are, however, much better and produce a better taste, and flavor and look appetizing. 

3. Get to know the exact time chicken takes to get cooked


How often you have boiled or grilled the chicken, and you found that it was undercooked, dry, or overcooked when served? If this has happened to you multiple times, then you will need a thermometer, analog or digital, to know the temperatures for each part in order to achieve the right result.

A whole chicken takes around 180 F in its internal temperature. The inner temperature of the chicken parts is up to 165 F, including the breast, the thighs, the wings, or even the base portion of the chicken.

4. Try to cook the vegetables fast

Cooking vegetables quickly

Cooking vegetables quickly makes it possible for them to retain their great nutritional value. Slowly cooked vegetables are not as nutritious and delicious as other cooked vegetables.

The best texture and nutrition also remain intact in fast-cooking vegetables. The less time you take to cook them, the better your food will taste.

5. Restore the pieces of leftovers for future use

store them in the freezer

Don’t throw the leftover pieces of meat away. Cut the meat into pieces and store them in the freezer. It will remain fresh for several weeks by doing that. So you can easily use them in salads or sandwiches.

6. Fill the side of the pan with cooking oil

frying pan with cooking oil

Fill the sides of the frying pan with cooking oil instead of adding oil to the bottom of it. This enables the oil to heat up while it runs down to the center. This helps maintain the food taste intact and makes way for a sumptuous platter.

7. To thaw your meats, use cold water

It’s quick, secure, and the easiest by far. It needs a little more attention than certain other safe fast-thawing methods, but it works best.

Take your meat in a screened bag and submerge it into a bowl of cold water (if it isn’t already in one). Every half hour or so, you need to change the water to avoid the growth of bacteria