Must-Attend Comic Cons this Season!

by heatfeed

To those of you who haven’t heard about it before, comic cons or a comic convention is an event specifically held to promote and endorse the culture of comic books. In such events, comic fans gather at a place to meet up with their favorite comic book writers, creators, and other fellow comic book fans.

Usually, comic conventions are held for a period of three-four days hosted at college campuses, convention places, and hotels. Apart from meeting favorite authors and getting autographs and celebrity photos, there are various other interesting activities to be held in comic cons such as cosplay contests and arcade games. Here are some of the comic cons that you must not miss in 2020:

1. Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo:

Also popularly known as C2E2, the Chicago Comic, and Entertainment Expo is a huge favorite among comic book fans. The area offered by this comic con gets compared with the comic cons of New York. The show floor is similarly attractive and fun, along with the wonderful artist alley.

The show stopper of this comic con is the cosplay for which you should not miss attending this event. Guests from all over the world bring in their favorite cosplay game inspired by their favorite fandoms. The Crown Cosplay Championship held in the C2E2 is one of the highly renowned cosplay competitions ever to offer a cash prize of over $100,000. 

2. Flame Con:

A unique convention based on the ideas of LGBTQ+community, this Manhattan-based comic con convention is one convention you should definitely visit once in your lifetime. Inclusive thought-provoking panels along with other important community discussions, this comic con is super interesting and queer. There are special services for disabled people and the con openly welcomes people of every sexuality or gender identity.

3. Otakon:

One of the majorly excited Asian pop-culture celebrations, the Otakon, is a must-visit for every comic lover. The three-day event is packed with immersive and exciting events such as cosplay and live-action role-play.

There is a cosplay lip-sync competition held in the convention which is as much fun to watch as it is to participate. With over 38000 people coming together every year, the convention is a great hit among fans.

4. Rhode Island Comic-Con:

A three-day comic convention that is usually held during the month of November, the Rhode Island Comic convention is the biggest convention of the state. This convention is popular for bringing celebrity guests like Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter and Joonas Suotamo from Star Wars.

There are two great afterparties held after the convention. You will also find a great deal of immensely beautiful handmade items’ stores and various types of arts to soothe your soul. It is a great place for both vendors and artists to showcase their talents. If you earn a guest badge, you can get various discounts and freebies from local shops and restaurants.

These were the most popular Comic-Con events that are to be held in the year 2020. Make sure you visit each of them to gain an amazing experience for a lifetime.