🚏 Bus Stop Emoji

Bus Stop Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

Emojis were used as a way to symbolically express feelings. The Bus Stop emoji is associated with the Travel and Places category. A sign on the side of a road indicates the location of a bus stop. 

Some platforms, such as those in Japan, display this as a red, white, and blue sign. This interpretation is reminiscent of the Pepsi Globe. Other platforms base this emoji design on regional bus stop signage.

NOTE: Emoji 1.0 added this emoji in 2015, and Unicode 6.0 approved it as a part in 2010.

Also Known As

🚏 Bus Stand

🚏 Bus Station

🚏 Bus Stop Point

Apple Name

🚏 Bus Stop


🚏 U+1F68F


:busstop: (Github, Slack)

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