Vacationing in Greece in 2023 – How much will it cost?

by heatfeed

Greece has always been among the most premier destinations among vacationers and travellers looking for an exotic getaway experience that includes crystalline waters, sugary beaches, history-soaked lands, sites of profound archaeological significance, or simply ventures that allow them to claim their fair share of pampering and spoiling only Greece knows how to provide.

Hotel and property owners

Hotel and property owners, shopkeepers, restaurateurs, and other business people have already rolled up their sleeves and are getting ready to welcome one of the hottest summers in the last few decades. When it comes to the vacation cost, opinions vary. According to, the accommodation cost per week ranges between 20-200 dollars. How true is this claim? As you are about to find out, the total sum a traveller will be called to pay for their Greek vacations depends on the location and the type of lodging they wish to rent. Let’s have a more in-depth overview of the facts.

According to a article, three of the most affordable Greek islands are Tinos, Ikaria, and Kythnos. From affordable guesthouses, hostels, and hotels to boutique hotels, expect a decent range of various accommodation options to cover all budgets and tastes.

Add to all these the several traditional Greek villas and available vacation rentals that allow guests to immerse themselves in the local culture while being pampered with a unique “home away from home” sensation, and you start to get a glimpse into the offered opportunities.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of available accommodation also provides breath-taking views of the island and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, with some of them even enabling access to top-tier facilities such as fine dining restaurants, private terraces, private pools, and spas.

Besides exclusive accommodation, though, all three Greek islands are home to campgrounds that invite visitors to set up their tents and enjoy a more tranquil experience while admiring nature’s profound beauty!

Cost-wise, a guest house in the Chora (the capital of the islands) is offered from as low as 40-50 euros per night (price for a 2-guest stay). However, prices can go up to 300 euros per night if you opt for a luxury apartment, hotel suite, or elegant villa.

Of course, prices increase during high season, with cheaper options ranging between 70-90 euros per night and higher-end resorts and stylish mansions being available for up to 400-500 euros per night.

Luxury summer destinations

Among the most popular luxury summer destinations in Greece are Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. By far the most luxurious and expensive Greek island destination, Mykonos equals extravagant, in any shape and form imaginable.

To get an idea, when a hotel room at another Greek island like Skiathos costs around 30 euros per night, a Mykonos nightly cost is somewhere around the 200-euro neighbourhood (so a 7-fold increase in hotel room price).

The team of, one of the largest and most reputed luxury villa rental agencies in Mykonos, explain why this is the case with Mykonos – “Mykonos grants every desire and wish, no matter how extreme it may sound, with exceptionally high levels of VIPness and luxury.

It comes as no surprise, though, as it has been a beloved destination among jet-setters, celebrities, Hollywood stars, renowned artists and athletes, and even politicians, since the 1960s. Simply put, Mykonos is a dream fulfilment, especially for those after, or used to, utmost pampering and spoiling.”

Mykonos welcomes its eclectic visitors with stylish accommodation, featuring beachfront properties, hilltop mansions, and downtown estates overlooking the magnificence of the Aegean Sea, while caressing guests’ senses with high-end facilities and services like private helicopter tours, spas, jacuzzis, massage rooms, saunas, tennis courts, private beaches, and even private butler, chef, nanny, and an impressively long list of many more.

The animated party scene adds to the overall experience, as are boutique shopping, gourmet dining, private cruises with chic yachts or catamarans, and some of the most widely-known beach clubs that have been attracting and gratifying VIPs demands and prerequisites in the blink of an eye. Accommodation can cost up to several thousands of euros per night for a multi-tier mansion with top amenities.

Leaving behind the whitewashed, cubic-shaped houses of Mykonos, the wonderful Cycladic architecture, the iconic Windmills, the crystalline, azure waters, the fine-sand shores, the fine dining gastronomy, and the vibrant night scene, Santorini is a nearby Cyclades island that also comes with a higher price tag attached to it.

Accommodation prices usually start from 100 euros per night for a room at a 2-star hotel and can go all the way up to over 800 euros per night for a luxury villa. With its heart-stopping sunsets, unique volcanic terrain, idyllic landscapes, world-renowned wines, archaeological treasures that connect Santorini with the legend of the Lost Atlantis, elegant mansions with top-tier amenities, and its volcanic beaches, Santorini definitely allures one way or another, justifying the costlier vacation.

Lastly, Crete is one of the most expensive and luxurious Greek destinations, focused on the gratification of the luxury traveller that chooses its sugary shores and exciting nightlife as their most suited getaway option.

Equally popular both in the summer, spring, and autumn months, Crete greets visitors with impressive 5-star resorts, such as Abaton Island Resort and Daios Cove Luxury Resort, exquisite boutique hotels, including Elounda Beach Hotel, Blue Palace, and Amirandes Grecotel, and exclusive villas, whose nightly prices start from no less than 250 euros (for a hotel room) and can exceed 2000 euros per night (for private mansions).

Of course, the VIP accommodation is matched with supreme levels of luxury experiences, covering from fine dining and private tours to VIP reservations and everything in between.

Whether more cost-effective or on the furthest end of the luxury-metre you decide your Greek vacations to be, you can’t go wrong with such a blessed Mediterranean destination where the sun shines almost year-round and hospitality is epitomised, opening the door to exciting ventures and memories worth taking back home.