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by heatfeed

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What is that was formerly known as is a platform for video posting. This is a huge entertainment and humor offering website founded in 1988. This site features comedy videos, flash games, and pictures along with all other sorts of materials. The website targets the men audience between the age of 18-35. – An adorable platform for video share, view, and upload 

Furthermore, praising, it is the perfect place to watch videos and listen to audios online. It is the best platform that delivers every sort of video to the audience and allows watch freely but doesn’t permit their downloading. Have you ever gone to watch videos on and you find a video very appealing to your choice that you want to see it again-n-again but couldn’t do that because there’s no download option? Because of the absence of a download facility, you may be afraid that your favorite video might get deleted or removed. The other situation may be that your internet bundle is limited and you can’t visit back to anytime you want it. offers you a quick n easy Break Video Downloader!

 So, now you are no farther apart from the downloading of your favorite videos from We at offer you our personal “Break Video Downloader” with an effective strategy. Our Break Video Downloader offers you to have your favorite right into your device and without the use of any software or ad-on. 

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What you need to download your video through heatfeed’s Break Video Downloader??? You just need to follow the instructions below. After that, you will be able to save or download your video directly into your mobile, PC, or any other device. Then you can watch the video offline without going on 

What you need to download your favorite video by Heatfeed’s Break Video Downloader???

 It’s basically a simple process with just 3 steps covering the whole procedure. Is it always that way simple to download your favorite video? Obviously not! But has made it convenient for you. Just follow the following steps.

Step No 1   

Watch a video and share or copy a particular video link or URL   

In the procedure of downloading your video, first of all, you need to open on any of your devices like Mobile, Android, PCs, Mac operating systems, or computers. Open your browser and reach to the site. Surf for finding out your favorite video that you want to download. 

Once you have found the video, all you need now is 

  • To cut the URL or Link of the video from the URL box   
  • It may be possible that you don’t get to the URL easily but we have also found a solution to this for you. Just press the combination of keystrokes CTRL+L on your computer, just after doing this URL will be the highlight and you can then easily copy it and then paste.

Step No 2    

Get to & Paste the URL

 The first step was damn easy and you may be aware of it already. The second step is also the same as the first – Simple and Easy. This step will take you further closer to your destination of downloading the video.  After copying the URL, you just need to paste it in or Break Video Downloader’s URL address bar. 

But before that, you have to search in any of your search engines such as Google/yahoo/bing/chrome or any other one and head to our website. 

When you get to the webpage of our site you will see a rectangular box on the left upper side with the caption as “Enter Break Video URL”. Paste the URL in that box and then click on the download button. 

C:\Users\Daima Rajput\Downloads\Capture 12344.JPG

Step No 3    

The Video Link will be processed & Here You Go! 

The video will be displayed at the bottom of the URL bar with the file size and HD quality version of the video in MP4. The process takes no time and shows you the webpage with the download. Just after you paste & click on the download button, our system will extract the download link in nanoseconds. Once the extraction process is finished, you get your download in one click…. 

Here you go with a brightening smile and happy downloading!