Best Music Festivals to Arrive

by heatfeed

Music festivals are the best time to get out into the world. Explore and connect with people who share your tastes and preferences in music. It’s like being in a world of your own likes. And the experience is worth every penny that you spend while you’re at it. In the year 2020, there are a bunch of music festivals taking place throughout the globe that will surely blow you off your feet. So it’s time you add these best music festivals that are to arrive in your bucket list:

1. Primavera Sound:

Scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain, from 4th to 6th June, this music festival is a must-visit for anyone who wants to have an everlasting experience of magical music. Every year this festival gathers the best performance lineups for its event across music from diverse genre boundaries for every explorer. 

2. Coachella Music and Arts Festival:

Any list of great music festivals to happen in 2020 would be incomplete. Without the Coachella Music & Arts Festival that is held every year in California. It is not only a festival about music but rather about fashion, art, and food all in one. To be held in from 10th to 12th April and 17-19th April 2020; this vastly popular Festival is sure to make you wanna stay there forever if not return back to it every year.

3. Tomorrowland:

One of the world’s largest and most notable music festivals to be held in Belgium. Tomorrowland features a definite lineup of performances that are both fresh as well as commendable. The hype of this festival is so high that its tickets are sold out in 5 minutes as soon as they are released. The estimated dates for the festival are 17th-19th July and 24-26th July 2020.

4. Glastonbury:

The peak of music festivities will most certainly be incomplete without the mention of Glastonbury. This festival is at the highest peak for providing an exemplary experience of not only music. But also festivities across various fields such as dance, comedy, theatres, circus and other arts.

The whole five-day festivity is crazily filled with every knick-knack that a person would surely enjoy. The festival is filled with surprises and is known to be one of the biggest events of the British culture. With an attendance of over 200,000, the festival raises the commendable amount of funds for charity. The expected dates for Glastonbury 2020 are from 24th to 28th June 2020.

5. Ultra Music Festival 2020:

Miami hosts one of the biggest Music festivals accommodating almost 165,000 people grooving to the beat in a central park crazily enjoying the music and their time. The tentative dates for the festival are around the middle March of 2020. The three-day power-packed music festival is bound to make your move to the beats. With their amazing line-up of bands, DJs and artists that perform with their hearts and souls.

Whatever your go-to genre is- EDM, rock, hip hop, metal or pop, there is everything for everyone in here. These festivals will surely give you memories to cherish for a lifetime so start saving up and mark those dates.