Atrapalo; Offers Flight Tickets, Hotels, Cruise Ships In The Best ways

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Atrapalo is a travel agency, which offers flight tickets, hotels, cruise ships, and other holiday and tourism bookings. Established in the year 2000, Atrapalo has grown to become a significant organization, with its headquarters in Barcelona. Currently, Atrapalo employs close to 1000 employees and is ranked amongst the companies with the best employee satisfaction ratings.  

On the customer front, Atrapalo offers regular discounts, ticket bookings for almost all of the customer’s vacation, and some very appealing plans. These factors make Atrapalo a goto destination for individuals who are looking to go for a holiday in the coming days.  

The Atrapalo website is very different from any other site you would have seen, as the color palette, and the layout is quite unique and offers a lot in just a few clicks. Here is a detailed guide to the Atrapalo website to help you know what it is like. 

The home page of is arguably the most unique when it comes to the design. It provides for an exceptionally brilliant user-experience and easy maneuverability. From flights to hotels, everything can be booked from the home page. It serves as the hub for a wheel, where the spokes are the different things you can book. 

The website welcomes you with a ticket booking window displayed, and a dialogue box at the bottom of the window, asking you to accept cookies. Here is a look at the ticket booking window in detail: 


The User-Interface of Atrapalo is slightly different from conventional travel booking websites. Since the areas of bookings are a lot more than most other websites, it is necessary to innovate in the website layout. Atrapalo has a simple, unique, and easy-to-browse UI, and it can be of great help when it comes to customer satisfaction. Also, almost all the information on the website is available without much effort or browsing. The filters on the search results are very effective and help in making better choices.  

Ticket Booking Window 

The ticket booking window by default is set to the flights, and hence the window displays the booking details of trips. However, this window serves a far more critical purpose, and if used correctly, it can help you book a lot more than just flight tickets. Here is a look at what all you can book from this window: 

1. Tickets 

In the booking window, when you click on the Ticket column, a new window appears, which asks you the name of the city, or artist, or any particular you would wish to book tickets of. Suppose in this column you choose Madrid; the dialogue box shows places in an around Madrid, various shows taking place in the city, artists performing in and around the town, and other occasional festivals and activities available on offer. 

Choose the date on which you will be in Madrid, and filter the genre to get more precise information on all of the activities in whatever city you choose on that particular day. Click on search shows, and a list is displayed. From this list, you can select whichever show you wish to visit and reserve a seat for yourself and the people you are going along. There are filters to be used, such as price, genre, suitable age for viewership, and payment options. There are discounts or some kind of offer on all these shows, and those can be applied from the website itself. 

2. Activities 

In the activities booking window, enter the name of the activity you wish to indulge in. Select the date and the type of event, to make your search results more precise. You can select the event based on other factors like organizers, etc. From adventure sports to music concerts you can reserve your tickets for them all. 

3. Flights 

Flight brings in most of the rush on the website, as the process is easy and user-friendly. To book the flight, select the origin and destination. Select if you are going for Round Trip, or One-Way Trip, or Multi-Path journey. Select the dates according to the trip you are taking. Choose the number of tickets you are looking to book, including those of children, babies, and adults.  

If you click on the Search Flights option, a list of the flights on the particular dates are displayed. Choose the flight most suitable according to your budget. If you are looking to book flights and hotels, click on the ‘Flight+Hotel’ option to book both of them together. 

4. Trains 

Trains can also be booked via—the Atrapalo website. Select the station of origin and the destination. Choose the type of journey, if it is One-way or Round-trip. Select the dates of the trip, including the Going and Return dates. You also need to select the number of people traveling on the journey, including the babies, children, and adults. Like the flight booking column, click on the Search Train option to find trains according to the data provided by you. You can also book trains and hotels with a single click using the ‘Train+Hotel’ option.  

5. Hotels 

To book hotels separately, select the place where you wish to stay. Enter the name of the city, region, or province you want to visit. If you are precise and already know the name of the hotel to book a room in, directly enter the name of the hotel. Enter the check-in and check-out times, and choose the number of rooms you wish to book. Also, you need to specify the number of adults and children per room. Click on the Search Hotels option to view the list of hotels available for booking during the selected period. 

6. Travels 

This option allows you to save even more by booking hotels and flights at the same time from the website. These are the two most essential parts of any journey. Enter the name of the city, and the dates of your trip, to avail of these special discounts. 

7. Circuits 

Circuits are a more straightforward method to look for flights. Select the destination, and the departure date, and simply click on the search travel option to make the booking. 

8. Cruise Ships 

If you are looking to go for a voyage via a cruise ship with your friends or family, this is the place to book your journey from. Enter the destination, departure date, duration, port, company, and ship. There are suggestions available to choose from in each of these columns. 

9. Cars 

When you reach an airport, the most annoying thing is the long waiting time to get cabs. This can be avoided if you have a cab pre-booked for the time of your arrival. This option allows you to do this. Select the city, province, or airport from which you need a cab, and the drop-off location. You can also book the cab for a return journey. Select the time and date of your arrival and your return. Now, click on the search cab button to get a list of all the available cabs during your selected date and time. From this list, select the booth which suits you the best. 

10. Findings 

This column suggests the activities from around the world, which you can indulge in. This feature looks for and suggests the best activities to take part in based on the location and time.  

11. Presents 

Atropalo offers several presents, including vouchers, which can be used for travel booking across the world. You can also use these as a gift for your loved ones, along with a special message attached to it. 

If there is something you are looking for on the website, instead of browsing, you can use the search bar, available on the top right of the screen.  


Log-in to the website using the website if you are a member of it, to access exclusive offers and vouchers. If you are not a user yet, you can register, by providing some necessary information, such as your name, email address, etc. You can use your Facebook, Google, or email Id, to register onto the website. 

When logging-in to Atrapalo, you can simply choose Facebook or whichever method you had registered with. As the website suggests, please read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy to understand the policies of Atrapalo, regarding your information. 

Is The Atrapalo Website Safe?

Atrapalo is one of the safest websites out there, with some very precisely laid out terms of service agreement and strict privacy policy. Since there are no advertisements on the site, there is no chance of getting redirected to any fake link. The website requests you to accept cookies to your system to improve the service on your account.  

Also, when you open the website, there is no virus, trojan, or other kinds of malware that affects your system. Since there are no redirected links, there is almost no scope for any sort of cyber-attack. 


On the homepage, there is an option to enter your email address and your province of choice. By entering these details, you subscribe to the Atrapalo website and will receive any further updates from the selected region. This includes new offers, discounts on specific activities, and any new events happening in the province. 

For any updates regarding the website, do not forget to follow the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts of Atrapalo. 


Atrapalo regularly uploads blogs from travelers, who give an idea about traveling and present their perspective on specific topics, places, journeys, and events. If you are confused between a couple of places, go to the Atrapalo website, and read blogs about these places. 

Articles and Blogs not only from the traveling fraternity, but also from individuals, family men, and people from other walks of life are also available. This gives the readers a very different point of view to a problem they are facing. 

Customer Support 

Atrapalo considers the customer support to be an integral part of their service, and strive to make your experience flawless. This is done by simplifying the method of receiving help and reducing the time required to solve it. The customer support executives are polite, and understand the customer’s problems with patience, and provide the best possible solutions.  


Atrapalo is a great site to book your tickets and event pass when you are on vacation. This gives you a lot of freedom and a basic outline of your journey. The website is safe from cyber-attacks and does not display any ads. The discounts and reasonable pricing are a few of the most appealing features, along with the Blogs available. The privacy policy and terms of service are very precise and strict to avoid any potential forgery. Overall, Atrapalo is capable of serving as a one-stop destination for booking tickets to a vacation. The extensive features mean that your data is completely safe.