15 Pictures Showing The Difference Between How Women Put On Makeup Vs How A Professional Does It

by Tashia J. Hansen

Makeup is nothing less than an art and it is not something that everyone can do. Women need to put on makeup for everyday use but we see a huge difference when it is done by a professional.

There are a few basic details that most women don’t know therefore they tend to lack that perfect glam by missing these details. For example, many women don’t know how to choose the perfect foundation that matches their skin tone or how to apply the eyeliner or what shade of lipstick is suitable for day time, and which one at night. 

Luckily we have a few great makeup artists like Julia Ismailova who help out women with their makeup. She is a Russian makeup artist and teaches women how to do their makeup. She also shares before and after pictures of women to make them understand makeup applications better. Makeup is a big part of most women’s daily lives. They wear it to feel good about themselves, express themselves, hide what they think are flaws, make their tired faces look better, and sometimes just because! 

Makeup is meant to bring out your best features, not change your look, skin tone, eyebrows, or make you look like you have too much on. All of these are big no-nos, and you should definitely stay away from such loud makeup. Unfortunately, make-up trends like contouring, drawn-on eyebrows, excessive layering, fake eyelashes, and extreme use of colors take away from your natural features and make you look too much. This may be fine for a night out on the town or a special occasion, but wearing this much make-up every day is very bad for your self-esteem and your skin.

People should feel just as confident without make-up as they do with it. If bad acne or other skin problems keep you from going bare-faced, we have some great ideas for a basic make-up routine. The transformations of Julia Ismail ova’s clients on Instagram will change the way you think about makeup and almost certainly how you do it. In most dramatic makeovers, you can’t tell that the person in the before picture is the same person in the after picture.

This is because of complete skin changes, contouring, hair, lash, eyebrow, and nail extensions, among other things. Julia’s method is more approachable. Not everyone wants to have a face that is always ready for a photoshoot. For most of us, a little bit of eyeliner and gloss goes a long way, and Julia’s daily makeovers are perfect for those of us who like to keep things simple. There are so many different ways to wear makeup that it can be hard to figure out what works best for you, especially on a day as important as your wedding. You want to look perfect, but you don’t want your makeup to ruin the whole look. Think about the impression you want to make, and use makeup to bring out your natural beauty.

1. Naked skin

It is not always necessary to wear a lot of makeup to hide the imperfections of your skin. You just need to learn how to use enough makeup only to hide your blemishes and achieve an even skin tone. This technique will give you a natural look and will not make you look unrecognizable.

Julia wrote in the caption for this photo that she noticed her client’s eyebrows were very thick and dark and didn’t look real. She also noticed that her client’s skin was smooth and even, so she didn’t need as much foundation on her face or the dramatic eyeliner. The after picture shows how, with just a little bit of makeup, Julia made the young girl look much younger and more lively.

2. A Friday night makeover

It is really important for your makeup to be on point on a Friday night. With a combination of darker lips and perfectly filled brows, this woman is all set for a Friday night party. 

Julia took years off of the woman’s face by using color correctors, bright makeup, and tying up her hair. The result was that the woman looked very young and healthy.

She wrote, “When Elana looked at my makeup, the first thing she said was, “I don’t get warm colors.”

She thinks that cold-toned makeup looks best on her because it doesn’t bring out her red skin and makes her face look fresh. She then said that Elana was only 29 years old to make her point clear.

3. Metamorphosis

It’s strange how the right use of makeup can have a certain impact on the age factor as well. This 24-year-old woman looked a lot older than her actual age with a heavy makeup look. But lighter lips, subtle eyelids, and a little bit of cheek tint made her look a lot fresher and younger.

The client Julia calls “Nastya” in her post changed the most. Julia wrote that she likes to see if the girls will change the way they do their makeup after seeing her, and that’s exactly what happened with Nastya. Nastya’s dark makeup and flat hair were changed for light, rosy makeup that made her look younger and big, fluffy hair that gave her face more depth.

4. Fresh look

This woman made the right choice of colors but the arrows of her eyeliner were a little bit overwhelming according to her face. As well as, the matte lips made her look so dull. 

For this post, Julia wrote, “Frankly, there was nothing wrong with her. Her skin tone was right, and the color of her lipstick was just right.” She went on to say that the client’s eyes looked sad because the wings of the eyeliner were pointing down. However, some soft shading on the upper and lower lids fixed this.

5. Less drama

Cat eyes undoubtedly add drama to your face but it is not quite necessary for it to work on everyone. For instance, this woman looks way better with subtle eyeliner. 

Julia wrote this about Laiza, a quirky young teen: “Laiza is 19 years old. She is really awesome. When she asked me to work with her, I didn’t have the slightest doubt about whether or not I should. We talked for a long time about life and what Laiza’s makeup means to her in general. I didn’t want to “break” her and start over with her. I got what she was trying to say, and I got to work.

6. A softer look

The very first thing that the artist changed in this woman’s makeover was the eyebrows. The brows were made less sharp and lighter which gave a softer look on her face.

7. From bold to innocent

It’s really shocking how the perfect makeover can transform your look instantly. This woman went from looking edgy and bold to young and fresh.

Julia wrote this about Maria, who is 24 and in the picture above: “Maria is 24 years old and divorced. When I talked to her, I found out that she almost never wears makeup anymore, and the “before” picture shows her makeup for the evening, not for the day. But Maria used to wear this makeup in the afternoon 6 months ago. My job was to show how I thought she should look in the afternoon.”

8. A quirky personality

There’s no doubt that this woman’s natural eyebrows were outstanding but it completely changed her look by cleaning them. Removing the red hues and adding blush to her cheeks gave her an instant fresh face.

9. Choosing the foundation

This pretty lady started looking even more beautiful with the use of the right foundation and by making her brows lighter. Look at her glowing face!

It’s harder than you might think to choose the right makeup for your face. Your makeup kit should have items that work well with your skin tone and skin type.

For example, there are different shades of foundation that can look great with your skin tone. Also, the product shouldn’t make your skin itch or break out in a rash. Because of this, we suggest that you try out a few different looks before deciding on one.

10. Luscious look

The use of dramatic smokey eyes suited this woman exceptionally well before. But the second makeover on the other hand done by the artist made her eye color pop. 

You can show off different types of makeup looks with the same products and different ways of applying them. Also, it will help to learn some tricks for putting on makeup.

Now, this may be hard for us to understand, but a makeup artist can give you different looks depending on what you want, how you want to look, the event, and even your skin type and personality.

11. Bronzed

Bronzers are a creative makeup tool to play with. The accurate application of a bronzer can give you an unbeatable youthful glow. Add a blush on the cheeks and you’re good to go.

Because women all over the world have changed how they use makeup, the cosmetics industry is booming like never before. Every day, new brands come out that promise to work better. This gives girls too many options. There are many different kinds of makeup that can be used together to make the best look.

12. Much younger

I can’t believe it’s the exact same woman in the before and after pictures that we’re looking at. She looks ages apart as if she has time traveled. Well, that’s the magic of accurate makeup techniques. 

Matte makeup is probably the most popular of all the different kinds. You can wear it every day or make it more dramatic for special events. Matte makeup lets you try out bright colors and shades without changing the way your face looks naturally.

It’s both bold and understated, and it works well in all kinds of weather. It’s a great way to put on makeup for any event and any time of day.

It’s light and lets your skin breathe. It also has a strong look. Matte makeup comes in a lot of different colors and tones, giving you a lot of options for making beautiful looks.

13. Natural beauty

This woman already looked so pretty without any makeup on. But the makeup artist did.

With a little mascara and a touch of blush, you’re ready to go with your homemade makeup. Most of the time, it looks great as it is, but in the world of makeup, the details are what make the difference. And Russian makeup artist Julia Ismailova shows how a little bit of subtlety can make a huge difference.

14. Right choice of lipstick

See how a lipstick shade speaks up on a woman’s face. The lighter, the better over here. In addition to that, less mascara and darker brows did really well.

This was Julia’s first post about a daily makeup transformation. She wrote, “The first transformation that started it all.” A lot of people said that I used PhotoShop, but this video proves that I didn’t. Do you love makeup and already knew all these tips? Or will you use this when you put some on next time?

15. Confidence

I love how this woman’s smile became much more confident by changing a thing or two in her makeover. They say a confident woman is unbeatable.

Not everyone likes dramatic, bold, and loud makeup, especially for daytime looks and events. That’s where makeup that looks natural comes in. It has a light base that evens out the skin tone and soft colors that bring out the features.

It makes you look like you are blushing, “all peaches and pinks.” It’s the perfect way to put on makeup when you want to look good but not overdone. It makes you look flawless without drawing attention away from your natural features.

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