Window Emoji🪟

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning: 

Window Emoji🪟 What does it mean? A wooden-framed, two-part window with transparent glass. There are four dividers on most platforms, each with a frame of varying colors and materials. It signifies ventilation, light, and the general architecture of a structure or a room, as well as a window. As an object metaphor, and perhaps even philosophically, it could be a symbol of new possibilities and viewpoints.


Window Emoji this year, Unicode 13.0 was accepted and Emoji 13.0 was added.

Window Emoji

Other Names

🪟 Casement

🪟 Opening

🪟 Aperture

🪟 Wooden Framed Window

🪟 Window of Opportunity

🪟 Window to the World

🪟 Window to Oneself

🪟 Clean Windows

🪟 Tinted Windows


  • 🪟 U+1FA9F


  • :window: (Emojipedia)
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