🌬️ Wind Face Emoji

Wind Face Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Wind Face Emoji 🌬️ on digital devices is represented as a face producing swirls of air with the mouth. Generally, you can see a woman with her circular lips and producing air in the form of swirls on the right side in front of her mouth. This emoji is used on digital devices to show critical weather due to heavy wind and storms.

Note: The Wind Face Emoji was made a part of Unicode 7.0 in the year 2014 by assigning the name ‘’ Wind Blowing Face ‘’ and became a part of Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. 

Similar Emojis 

A list of similar emojis for Eind Face Emoji are 🌪️ Tornado, ⛈️ Cloud with Lightning and Rain, 🌀 Cyclone, 👼 Baby Angel, ♨️ Hot Springs, 🐡 Blowfish, 🌩️ Cloud with Lightning, 🕊️ Dove, 🌧️ Cloud with Rain, 🌨️ Cloud with Snow, 💨 Dashing Away, 🌫️ Fog, 😁 Beaming Face with Smiling Eyes, 🫁 Lungs, 🧙 Mage, ⛵ Sailboat, 🚬 Cigarette, ⛅ Sun Behind Cloud, 🔱 Trident Emblem, 🌦️ Sun Behind Rain Cloud, 🌤️ Sun Behind Small Cloud, 🎐 Wind Chime, 🌥️ Sun Behind Large Cloud, 🌁 Foggy,

Also Known As

🌬️ Blowing Wind

🌬️ Mother Nature

Apple Name

🌬️ Wind Blowing Face

Unicode Name

🌬️ Wind Blowing Face


🌬 U+1F32C



:wind_face: (Github)

:wind_blowing_face: (Slack)

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