💨 Dashing Away Emoji

by Emilia

Emoji Meaning 

Dashing Away Emoji💨  is the picture of a cloud of dust, which is shown in cartoons as transparent Dashing. This nature emoji is used as a puff of smoke and Wind face or Cigarette emoji🚬.

Note: Dashing Away was formed in 2010 as a part of Unicode 6.0 under the name “Dash Sweat Symbol” and labeled in 2015 as Emoji 1.0. 

Dashing Away Emoji

Also Known As

  • 💨 Fast
  • 💨 Steam
  • 💨 Vaping
  • 💨 Wind

Apple Name

💨 Gust of Wind

Unicode Name

💨 Dash Symbol


  • 💨 U+1F4A8


  • :dash: (Github, Slack)
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