Why is bitcoin more valuable than Altcoins?

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Why is bitcoin more valuable than Altcoins

The cryptocurrency marketplace is now one of the prominent subjects of the mainstream marketplace. The entire cryptocurrency marketplace has two subcategories. The foremost is bitcoin, and the second is altcoins.

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency having the maximum store value in the entire cryptocurrency market. 

The market cap of Bitcoin is nearing $800 billion, despite a cryptocurrency market crash. If you want to get profitable results in your Bitcoin trading venture, check crypto genius for more details.  The leading prominent altcoin is Ethereum, as it is the second leading cryptocurrency in terms of market cap and store value.

 Ethereum is not a cryptocurrency. Instead, it is a blockchain-based model having ether as the token. Some prominent altcoins rather than Ethereum are Binance, lite coin, dogecoin, Cardano, Monero, and many more. 

These altcoins are much more advanced in contrast to Bitcoin. All the more, these currencies have more comprehensive applications in contrast to Bitcoin.

However, why is Bitcoin more valuable than these altcoins? Here is a complete portion demonstrating the solution to your query. So why are you waiting? Let’s jump straight to the facts.   

What Do You Mean by Altcoins?

Alternative coins, also known as altcoins, are any other cryptocurrency that accepts Bitcoin. Tech heads introduced altcoins after Bitcoin, and these cryptocurrencies are also known as an alternative to Bitcoin.

 There are more than 9000 altcoins present in the marketplace at the instance, and almost every cryptocurrency has the basic concept of bitcoin. Altcoins have much advanced technology in contrast to bitcoin, but the value of bitcoin is much higher than that of these altcoins. Some of the most famous altcoins include cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Monero, and Cardano. 

Both Ethereum and Cardano have the most advanced blockchain. All the more, both of these blockchain models have their tokens named ADA and ether.

The current Ethereum price is very high, but it is still much less than Bitcoin. Here are some of the reasons why Bitcoin has more value than these altcoins. 

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever.

Undeniably there are ample cryptocurrencies in the crypto marketplace. However, the fact might stun you that there are cryptocurrencies STOP ELON. There are more than 9000 altcoins in the global market. However, bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency. 

Satoshi Nakamoto was the only individual who implemented the concept of cryptocurrencies in the very first place. Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin in 2009. Undeniably, some digital currency models were present at that time, but none of these currencies had a cryptographic hash. 

All the more, no digital currency at that period was politically independent. Therefore, since there was no cryptocurrency in Bitcoin, people started to invest in Bitcoin. As a result, Bitcoin’s store value was increasing at a very high pace.

Altcoins are a clone of Bitcoin. 

Undeniably, altcoins are much more advanced than Bitcoin, but almost every cryptocurrency is a Bitcoin clone. After the arrival of Bitcoin in the mainstream marketplace, many people came to know about cryptocurrencies. 

These altcoins are merely a permutation combination of Bitcoin. Since these cryptocurrencies are similar to bitcoin, these altcoins correspondingly follow the price trail of bitcoin.

If the value of Bitcoin inclines, the store value of altcoins like Ethereum will also incline. If the store value of Bitcoin declines, the store value of these altcoins will also decline. 

Returns of Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin’s release, it has experienced exponential and phenomenal growth over some time. In contrast to any other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has given the highest return till now.

The store value of bitcoin at the instance of its first-ever purchase was $0.004, and recently bitcoin touched the milestone of $65000.

Market adoption of Bitcoin

Rather than investing in altcoins like Ethereum and Binance, most multinational companies and renowned organizations have invested in Bitcoin. For example, micro strategy has invested almost $5 billion in Bitcoin. 

All the more, companies like Tesla Motors hold almost $1.4 billion of holding in Bitcoin. Moreover, businesses are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Despite many robust cryptocurrencies like ether and ADA, El Salvador adopted bitcoin as a legal tender. In a nutshell, the market adoption of Bitcoin in contrast to Bitcoin is much more. 

These are some of the potential reasons why Bitcoin is outplaying altcoins.