Why is bitcoin better than fiat currency?

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Why is bitcoin better than fiat currency?


We all use fiat currency for daily transactions such as buying goods and services and other transactions. Fiat currency is the easiest way and instant way to do transactions. But bitcoin is also a currency that we can use, like fiat currency. Moreover, Bitcoin is a global currency that we can send anywhere in the world without paying extra fees. So the question is why bitcoin currency is better than fiat currency. Bitcoin currency is indeed better than fiat currency. In this article, we will learn why bitcoin is better. So without wasting time, let’s explore the bitcoin currency’s betterness than fiat currency. 

What is fiat currency:

Fiat currency is the domestic currency operated by the central banks of the country and the government of the country. Fiat currency is different in various countries, i.e., every country has its fiat currency. There are the following examples of fiat currencies in multiple countries given below:

  • INR in India
  • US dollars in the USA
  • Pounds in England
  • Euro in Europe
  • PKR in Pakistan

You cannot use these currencies in other countries, and if you want to use these currencies in other countries, you have to convert your money. This is because every country has its currency value according to its development or country growth. For example, the value of 1 Pound is equal to 100 Rupees in India. So if you send 1000 rupees to a person living in England, you will receive 10 pounds because there is a difference in the price. 

What is Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency that came into existence in 2008, and Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of bitcoin. Bitcoin is the global currency that means everyone in the world can do transactions with bitcoin. It came into existence to solve all the fiat currency problems that many people face in today’s era. Furthermore, it is a decentralized system that means no third parties can control it, even Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto’sNakamoto’s founder.

Why bitcoin is better than fiat currency:-

There are the following points that make the bitcoin a better currency than fiat currency given below:-

  • Decentralization:-  A decentralized system means no one can handle it, such as the government, banks, and financial institutions. Even the founder of bitcoin cannot control it. The government governs fiat currency, and government and financial institutions know where we are spending funds. 
  • Global currency:- Fiat currency is a domestic currency that means every country has its currency. But bitcoin is a worldwide currency, i.e., you can use bitcoin worldwide for transactions. There is a difference in the value of fiat currency in various countries, such as one pound is equal to 100 rupees in India. But in the case of bitcoin, no difference in currencies means if you send one bitcoin to someone else, he will receive one bitcoin. If you send two, then he will accept two bitcoins. So there is no difference between bitcoin and the bitcoin value worldwide. You do not need to convert the bitcoin currency in every country. Check this software.
  • Multiple uses:- Fiat currency is a mere currency that means you can use it for transactions only. If you are a buyer, then you can purchase goods and services through fiat currency. If you are selling, then you can accept payment in fiat currency but not more than that. Bitcoin is more than a currency because you can do multiple things with this currency, such as investing, trading, buying, accepting payments, sending and receiving, mining, etc.
  • Deflation currency:- Fiat currency is an inflation currency that means the value of fiat currency will decrease over time, which is the most significant limitation. But bitcoin is a deflationary currency that means the price of bitcoin will increase over the period. This is because there are a lot of features of bitcoin, and people started using bitcoin, and the cost of bitcoin is rising. So in the future, by increasing the usages, the price will automatically increase because it is limited in supply.


No one can trace your transactions because bitcoin provides anonymity to your transactions. The government and banks or other financial institutions have all the records of your trades because the government regulates fiat currency. There is no controller of bitcoin, so you are the owner of your wallet, and no one can see the transactions except you.