Why Dads are Real Superheroes for their Kids? 16 After and Before Pictures of Guys after they become a dad

by Katie J. Ray

Dads are always superheroes for their kids. Their love and efforts for their child have no comparison. No one can ever take place of a father in your life. You can never ever payback of their efforts to raise you when you were a kid. 

Dads forget about their true selves just to make their kids happy. Here are 16 after and before pictures of guys who are raising their kids like superheroes. 


Before parenting vs. after parenting; The journey of a guy to a father be like:

If you are a dad then probably you also have experienced this. Every little girl loves to play with colorful hair clips, pins, hair bands, and accessories. And guess what? Where does she love to place those beautiful accessories? Obviously on her daddy’s head. And if his dad does not have enough hair then anything could happen. Be ready.


When you were only a son of your parents vs. when you have a daughter; improved lifestyle:

It is true that when you become the parents of a little baby, you could not be a baby anymore.

You have to be mature no matter what happens. You have to take the charge and responsibility either it takes your personal life away.


Holding hands of wife vs. holding the hand of your best friend; husband to the twinning partner of your baby girl:

Your little princesses make you do everything you can never even imagine before. And you will go beyond all limits to see their smile.

But again, you have to lose yourself to get pay for their happiness.


This Macho Man vs. sweet dad; cross-dress just for his daughter:

Everything gets changed when you become a father. For others, you are a superhero who can save their life but for your daughter, you are a superhero that can bring smiles, candies, and chocolates for her.


Young one vs. two years later; they grew up with super fast speed:

From the day he was born to the day he started running in your garden, they grew up fast 

like it’s just a 15-minute journey. 

But that 15-minutes journey makes you realize that you are getting old.


Brave soldier vs. a great father; proud moments:

This is a proud moment for every child that his/her dad is taking good care of them as well as he is taking care of the country.


From soda bottles vs. milk bottles; how a dad sacrifices his life:

From soda bottles to magnet software to regular soft drink bottles, how a guy’s life can dramatically change when he becomes a father.


From lifting weights vs. lifting tots; how your gym routine changed:

This is how your gym routine gets affected when you become a parent. You can not manage time for yourself.


What Daddies do at night before vs. what they do now; extreme personality development: 

Man’s life changed when he became a dad. From where he prefers drinking all night oversleep and now he loves to stay in bed with his little one and telling stories, he is a changed person. 


Living your life vs. living for your life; becoming a dad could take your own life away:

Before parenting, you live your life for yourself, but after having a baby you have to compromise on all your favorite things. You have to start living for your family.


Glam vs. glum; battery is about to end:

From being a glamorous couple to the gloomiest dad your life is drained. 


Smile vs. puffiness; When parenting hits you hard on the face:

That moment when you are totally exhausted, extremely tired and the only thing you want to do is sleep for a whole year. Parenting could be more than tiring, sometimes it demands much more than you have.


Perfect diet vs. gaining weight; parenting makes you do anything:

Parenting makes you do anything to get energetic all the time to be prepared for the next challenges. Either eating too much or skipping your daily exercises.


Fighting before vs. Fighting now; Defeated dad:

No one in the world could make you accept your defeat except your kids.


Picked vs. always puked on; it is normal dad:

It is so disgusting to get puked on all the time and you have to click in yourself without cringing at all.


Music vs. snoring; which sounds better:

After being a parent, your life turns from music to snoring how fast and you don’t even realize.


Imagination vs. realities; what you have thought what you’re doing now:

His facial expressions speak louder than any words. 

Final words:

Dads are the realist superheroes. They quit on themselves to raise you better. Salute to the efforts of all dads out there who forget their life to take care of us and give us a better future.