🦯 White Cane Emoji

White Cane Emoji

Emoji Meaning

This tri-colored metallic cane is right-tilted, with a spherical structure at the bottom and a thread at the top handle. It’s the object as the one this person is holding, White Cane Emoji🦯. It can also be used as a symbol for a whip or a flogging. In addition to representing movement and navigation, this Emoji might also be used to indicate being struck by something.

Similar Emoji

🕶️ Sunglasses, 🧏 Deaf Person, 🦻 Ear with Hearing Aid, 🦮 Guide Dog, 👨‍🦯 Man with White Cane, 🦽 Manual Wheelchair, 🦿 Mechanical Leg, 🦼 Motorized Wheelchair, 🚶 Person Walking, 🐕‍🦺 Service Dog, ♿ Wheelchair Symbol, 👩‍🦯 Woman with White Cane,


As part of Unicode 12.0, the Probing Cane was approved in 2019 and added to Emoji 12.0 the following year.

Other Names

🦯 Cane

🦯 Whip

🦯 Lash

🦯 Probing Cane

🦯 Walking Stick

🦯 Stick

🦯 Long Cane

🦯 Walking Cane


🦯 U+1F9AF


:probing_cane: (Github, Slack)

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