🦯 White Cane Emoji

White Cane Emoji

Emoji Meaning :

 This tri-colored metallic cane is right-tilted, with a spherical structure at the bottom and a thread at the top handle. It’s the object as the one this person is holding, White Cane Emoji🦯. It can also be used as a symbol for a whip or a flogging. In addition to representing movement and navigation, this Emoji might also be used to indicate being struck by something.


As part of Unicode 12.0, the Probing Cane was approved in 2019 and added to Emoji 12.0 the following year.

Other Names

🦯 Cane

🦯 Whip

🦯 Lash

🦯 Probing Cane

🦯 Walking Stick

🦯 Stick

🦯 Long Cane

🦯 Walking Cane


🦯 U+1F9AF


:probing_cane: (Github, Slack)

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