TEST OF PERSONALITY When Disney characters were real people, they would look like this:

by Katie J. Ray

You may wonder what they would look like if they were human. Fifty-two images of iconic Disney characters have been reinterpreted as actual individuals by Finnish artist Jirka Vince Jonatan Väätäinen As a result, have a seat and enjoy the reminiscence.

1. Ariel From The Little Mermaid

Ariel had to be included. This is a fantastic example of the artist’s ability to depict her innocence. Any effort you make to ignore it is futile.

2. Captain Li Shang From Mulan

When it comes to Mulan, Captain Li Shang is shown as a stoic, unflappable figure. Certainly, the artist captured Li Shang’s stunning appearance, muscular physique, and forceful mentality in this painting.

3. Ursula From The Little Mermaid

Because Ursula was the artist’s first piece, his talent is undeniable. Why is the terrible sea witch one of Disney’s most memorable characters?

4. Queen Elsa From Frozen

This image of Queen Elsa, born with the power of ice and snow, shows off her sleek and refined style. What if I told you that Elsa was initially intended to be presented as a dramatic villain?

5. Belle From Beauty And The Beast

We all know her as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” She’s flawless in this picture. We’re blown away by the artist’s ability to capture her self-assured yet innocent demeanor in this painting.

6. Prince Eric From The Little Mermaid

“Thank God he doesn’t exist in real life,” most men would say upon seeing this. It’s normal to be envious of Ariel after seeing Prince Eric.

7. Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians

As soon as the Devil Woman, a wealthy, fashion-obsessed woman, is depicted, you know the artist has done a fantastic job. Even her stained teeth from smoking were meticulously crafted by the artist. What a great job!

8. Moana From Moana

Creating a near-perfect image of Chief Motunui’s lively and optimistic daughter must have been difficult. Our favorite part is that her innate beauty shines through.

9. Tinker Bell From Peter Pan

Tinker Bell’s eyes in this image seem to be filled with mischief. Tink’s snarky look was perfectly captured by the artist.

10. Kocoum From Pocahontas

A photograph of Kocoum, the Native American warrior who rarely grins. The artist was able to capture Kocoum’s somber expression to a high degree of accuracy.

11. Hades From Hercules

Are there any other Hercules fans here? Please, for the sake of this hilarious yet evil character, watch Hercules once more on Netflix. It’s almost as if we can hear the fast-talking Lord of the Dead’s voice in this picture.

12. Snow White From Snow White

That exquisite blush on Snow White’s face hasn’t been altered at all, which is wonderful. This photo captures Snow White’s beauty and purity, two qualities that have made her a popular Disney heroine for generations.

13. Mulan From Mulan

Beautifully captured round face and blushing cheeks by the artist. For this reason, she appears a bit nave and absent-minded, much like the character.

14. Jane From Tarzan

Jane’s dynamic look was perfectly captured by the artist. It’s all beautiful, but we can’t help but be drawn to her striking eyes.

15. Princess Anna From Frozen

This painting seems to have Princess Anna’s voice in it. That’s not to mention those eyes. In my opinion, the artist did a superb job of capturing both the essence of the character and her appearance as a real human being.

16.  Flynn Rider /Eugene Fitzherbert From Tangled

If you are wondering where Flynn Rider’s famed smolder is, you’re not alone! He doesn’t exist in the actual world, and we regret that as well. Why???

17. Nakoma From Pocahontas

We’re impressed that the artist was able to maintain Nakoma’s simplistic and elegant aesthetic without experimenting with it in any way. As a result, there was no need for any kind of experimentation, to begin with. He has done Pocahontas’ best buddy honor.

18. Esmeralda From The Hunchback On Notre Dame

This image captures Frollo’s cunning and independent nature. Esmeralda is still one of our favorite Disney characters because of the artist’s work, which is as beautiful as ever.

19. Cinderella From Cinderella

Next up comes Cinderella, Disney’s most beloved character. The artist was able to portray her natural grace and poise.

20. Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

Is it incorrect to say that this version of Princess Jasmine is the best of all time? That’s because the next portrait will take your breath away.

21. Prince Phillip From Sleeping Beauty

Everyone would fall in love with Prince Phillip before he even spoke. As for us, we can’t say we blame you for being stunned by his presence.

22. Alice From Alice In Wonderland

Why is Alice from Wonderland so popular? As a result of this portrait, fresh memories will be evoked of her, as well as old ones. The portrait of an innocent and charming character was done perfectly.

23. John Smith From Pocahontas

In this portrait, John Smith appears so real and so handsome, and we won’t hold it against anyone if they start kissing it. Three wishes would be granted if a Genie appeared to us. (2) The opportunity to meet him in person (3) His participation in the live-action Pocahontas movie.

24. Pocahontas From Pocahontas

It would have been terrible not to include a portrait of this stunning Disney princess in our list. The artist has done an excellent job. Pocahontas is a must-see for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

25. Kristoff From Frozen

Trolls nurtured this attractive guy, and it appears that they did a good job of it. It’s clear from this photo that he’s selfless, fun-loving, and a kind person.

26. Lady Tremaine From Cinderella

Cinderella fans will recall the nasty, power-hungry, and manipulative Wicked Stepmother from the classic fairy tale. In a single portrait, the artist was able to convey Lady Tremaine’s wickedness and animosity for Cinderella.

27. Prince Adam / Beast From Beauty And The Beast

Because an enchantress cursed Prince Adam for being nasty and greedy, this painting captures his arrogant side. Despite this, if you showed this photo to your male friends, many of them would feel much better knowing that he doesn’t exist in real life.

28. Tiana From Princess And The Frog

In comparison to the cartoon version, this version has a much more refined and lovely appearance. Everyone’s favorite character, Tiana, is brought to life in this image by the artist.

29. Rapunzel From Tangled

Beauty queen Rapunzel is a caring person who is curious and curious about the world around her. She is kind, energetic, and loving. Fortunately, the artist was able to capture the majority of her character traits in this painting.

30. Tarzan From Tarzan

After seeing this image of Alexander Skarsgard, we’re having second thoughts about his performance in 2016’s The Legend of Tarzan. On the whole, it’s an accurate portrayal of Tarzan. Let us go to the jungle, please!