Weird Times Bridezillas Shocked Their Guests With Their Unbelievable Demands

by Tashia J. Hansen

Wedding events are always filled with necessary and unnecessary dramas. While couples getting married are full of stress, they also made their friends carry a fair share of it. Friends and siblings are the main part of any wedding however, no one is ever prepared for bridezilla already. As brides are treated like celebrities, everyone is fulfilling their requests, trying to make them happy and special, and brides sometimes become entitled. From rude behavior to unrealistic requests, sometimes they lost all their friends after their wedding for their obsessive behavior or lack of empathy. Many real bridezillas stories have been shared online. Keep reading and you won’t believe your sight.

The bride threw her friend out of the wedding due to her looks insecurities

Usually, most brides ask their bridesmaids to lose weight to mark a perfect impression. However, you won’t have seen a bride getting mad at her friend for losing too much weight. Yes! This happened! The bride got insecure after seeing her bridesmaid thinner than her and kicked her out of the wedding. How could someone be so obsessively insecure about her looks that they threw people looking better out of the wedding?

The bride lied about everything only to save some money:

No matter how much you plan your wedding, something always drifts off the track. But there is a difference between suddenly drifting off the plan and lying about the whole plan. Yes, this bride lied about every detail of the wedding. She lied about hiring the staff and even the number of guests. The groomsmen turned into the staff to hang flowers, serve guests water or champagne as there was no staff hired. Moreover, they ran out of alcohol and food as guests were more in number than she told. All this lying plot intended to save only some $15,00. Can you imagine?

The bride’s father had a heart attack but this was the least she cared about:

When it comes to happening something to your parents, you forget the whole world. But it’s not the case with everyone. Right on the wedding day, the bride’s father had to rush to the hospital due to a heart attack. She didn’t feel concerned about his health, instead, she blamed him for ruining her special day. Maye her father would pay her back to amend for getting a heart attack at her wedding.

Bridezilla stormed into her Fiance’s workplace to pressurize him to marry her

People mostly get engaged because they don’t want to marry right away so they make an official commitment. However, some people cannot bear the prevailing time between engagement and marriage.

 This bride stormed into her fiance’s office wearing a wedding gown with a priest and bridesmaids asking him to marry her right away. 

In the middle of work, he cannot decipher all this and it only confused him. At the moment she realized people were watching and filming the scandal she created, she tried to get off with excuses. She said she was making him commit or they are ending it, the engagement. When she left the place, the fiance, still confused, said, Someone could have informed me about this. Don’t know if they get married later but if we were him we must give the marriage a second thought.

A bridesmaid refused to be a bridesmaid due to some personal reasons but the bride gave her a harsh response

Life always finds a reason to get in the way of many plans. The same happened in this case. A bridesmaid was to visit her dying father and look after his hospice arrangements, so she refused to attend the wedding. 

However, the bride in her selfishness gets annoyed and even tries to make her feel guilty. The bride had no empathy for her friends’ loss and of course, it would have ended their friendship. After all, who wants to befriend someone who has no empathy left?

The one with the florist friend

Weddings are expensive and floral arrangements alone can cost a lot. So if someone gifted you by taking responsibility for all the arrangements it can save you from a lot of burdens. The bride’s florist friend arranged the whole wedding. Everything looked perfect as everything went according to plan. That means the florist friend gifted the bride over $1000 in floral arrangements. But still, the bride and her friend got angry saying she didn’t give anything to the bride. Of course, it had brought a big hole in their friendship and it should be. 

The one with a hair color problem

Sometimes brides suggest a specific hairstyle for their bridesmaid but no one asks them to change their overall hair color. In this case, the bride asked her blonde bridesmaids to dye their hair to some other color. The bride was blonde and wanted to stand out for the only blonde. One of the bridesmaids decided to leave the spot instead of dying her hair. And it only favored her even more as the dresses and bachelor party cost the other bridesmaid more than she earned in a whole month.

The bride demanded a religiously pure wedding and ended up kicking the groom’s best friend out of the wedding

We all set some values and rules to live our life by them. Sometimes we even ask our partner to do the same. However, no one imposes such things on their friends.

But this happened in this bride’s case. The bride set some rules for the wedding due to which she kicked her groom’s friend out of the wedding.

 She wanted a pure wedding despite the fact she was getting married the third time as she cheated on the first two weddings. The groom’s friend was living with her girlfriend so she kicked her out.  However, the groom resolves the issue with his friend, and they are still friends. God knows if the couple is still married or not.

Avoid Inviting Your Ex to your wedding event

Some brides invite their exes to their wedding saying he is a close friend but of course, such actions don’t go without suspicion.

So this bride invited her ex to her wedding. While her husband went to the washroom, she didn’t miss the chance and kissed her ex on the dance floor. The wedding planner caught them and the bride told her to stay silent. At the end of the event, the planner gets to know that the couple didn’t settle the bill. So, she got to them before they left. However, she received a call after some days from the groom telling her that the bride is upset about her unprofessionalism. At this, she exposed that wedding kiss to the groom leading to not hearing from them ever again.

No food for friends

No matter if you are someone as a groomsman or bridesmaid you still expect things from the wedding, most specifically food.

But something opposite from this happened at one wedding ceremony. At the end of the wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen headed to eat when the bride told them something they won’t believe.

She, the bride, told someone as special as bridesmaids and groomsmen that they are not to be served a meal like other guests. That’s because even getting a chance to attend her wedding is a privilege.  The inside intention of this cheap act was, the couple was wanting to save some money. So this act of saving money left their closest friends starving.

Being a bridesmaid is a full-fledge game of the money

Becoming a bridesmaid is an expensive game. That means it is not just about buying a specific dress. It includes arranging a bridal shower, a bachelor party, a makeover for the day, and giving presents to the bride and groom as well. While it’s a lot of money, some brides still do not get happy and keep asking for more. 

So what happened here is, the bride asked all the bridesmaids to pay $1500 for her bachelor party. Upon the refusal of one bridesmaid, she threw her out of the wedding. Quite rude behavior right! Due to many such reasons, bridal showers are not popular in many countries.

Fulfilling bridesmaid duty should be the only priority

Going for dress fittings is one hell of a job and going for it again and again only makes it worse. So even after going for the fitting three times, the bridesmaid was asked to come for the fitting the fourth time. She refused to come over as her sister was coming into town and she had some family commitments as well. Upon hearing this the bride should have to be lenient right? But no she instead told her that fulfilling her duty as bridesmaid should be her first and foremost priority. So she should leave everything else and come for a fitting. When she refused again. She told her she won’t be a bridesmaid any longer and is also not invited to the wedding.

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